Sleep walking is a sleep disturbance in which a person walks in their sleep. T child is affected by this disorder, parents usually use infant monitors to keep children safe. To end the worry and increase restful sleep, hypnosis is often used.

Hypnposis is pleasant for the person receiving it. When a hypnotist works with you, she gets to know you in order to create the most pleasure in the session. When a person sleeps normally, there is a mechanism which keeps the person motionless during deep sleep. This helps to keep you from walking in your dreams. Often dreams seem so real that a person who sleep- walks moves and talks in their sleep. Hypnosis helps by suggesting to the person that he awakens as soon as his feet touch the ground. This suggestion promotes safety and gives the person a more restful sleep free from the worry of a possible walk in their sleep.

I once had a ten year old client who walked in her sleep most nights. She would go to the bathroom and forget where she was. She would often use the kitchen for a bathroom since she was completely unaware. She rarely remembered dreams. Even if she remembered the dreams, it would not have stopped the sleep walking. She just did not fully awaken when walking around the house.

Another client who was hypnotized by me was a fifty-year-old woman. She often would get up and take food out of the refrigerator. The food would be spoiled in her bed when she awoke. She was unaware of these trips to the refrigerator. She often walked the streets in her sleep. The police brought her home and advised her to get help. The police were concerned since she lived alone and was walking totally unaware of where she was walking.

In both cases, sleep walking stopped with one hypnosis cd. The first time the clients used their cd at night; they slept all night and reported feeling happier. Their families felt better as well. So if you walk in your sleep, stop it in its tracks with hypnosis.

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I have been a therapist for many years in the Boston area.. My discipline is social work and I am a licensed independent clinical social worker in Massachusetts. I practice in a clinic in Malden Massachusetts where I use both rational emotive therapy and hypnosis to help people achieve their goals. My private practice is also very rewarding in which I do home-based hypnosis.

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