OCD hypnosis – ok, enough of that but you get the point OCD can be a very, very big problem for anyone who has it. There are few mainstream treatments for OCD and they only suppress the disorder. Meaning they don’t actually treat the OCD, hypnosis however can not only suppress the condition but actually it can get rid of it.

How does OCD hypnosis work?

Hypnosis for OCD works just like any other hypnosis, if you have OCD it is probably because at some point when you were younger you were in a stressful situation and you did something that relieved that stress, for example many people wash their hands. The more you relieve stress in this way the more likely it is to develop into a habit and then eventually OCD. Hypnosis works by completely removing the association you have between stress and the thing you’re doing to relieve it. Can hypnosis cure OCD? Of course because the thing in your mind causing the condition is removed there is nothing there to trigger any OCD like behavior.

OCD hypnosis v conventional treatments

So how does Hypnosis for OCD compare to other treatments? Surprisingly better actually, most people believe that drug therapy is the best treatment for OCD, when actually all it does it relieve the symptoms, this may sound good but in fact it means that anyone using drug therapy will have to do so for the rest of their lives. Obsessive compulsive disorder hypnosis treats the underlying cause of the illness meaning that once the OCD has cleared up you can stop using the audios.

What OCD hypnosis options are available?

You would be surprised how many types of hypnosis can help OCD however there are only two that I would recommend for someone suffering from OCD. The first is hypnotherapy sessions; these typically involve you going to a hypnotherapist for 1 hour sessions each week for around two to three months, depending on how good the hypnotherapist is at curing OCD. Sessions cost typically between $20 and $100 per session.

The second OCD hypnosis that you can use is in the form of self- hypnosis. These do the exactly the same thing as hypnotherapy except instead of being hypnotised by a therapist, an audio recording does. The process is fairly simple; each night you fall asleep with recordings playing and your OCD is first prohibited for affecting you in your day to day life and then eventually the underlying psychological cause will be removed. Meaning after time you can taper off using the audios.

The other form of treatment is OCD nlp. NLP involves using metaphors to modify your thinking patterns, i.e. someone will say a metaphor which will leave a suggestion in your mind that you don’t need to do you dealing with stress method.

Which OCD hypnosis treatment is better?

The answer to this question is subjective and based on one or two things; first off the price of hypnotherapy is far more than the cost of self-hypnosis recordings, and considering they do the same thing self-hypnosis audios are a complete bargain.

In terms of time scale OCD hypnosis through self-hypnosis is much quicker, mainly because you can use the recordings every night, whereas with a hypnotherapist you only get to see them once a week i.e. you can do 7 self-hypnosis sessions in the time it will take you to do one hypnotherapist session.

As for OCD NLP, I personally wouldn’t recommend it, while it can be effective for some things, NLP is the best for a deep imprinted condition such as OCD.

I’ve picked which type of hypnosis for OCD I want to use which products/services do I use?

Good question, you can find a good hypnotherapist through google, directory enquiries etc. remember to put where you are from in any searches you do (trust me you don’t want to have to travel for hours for hypnotherapy).

If you decided on taking the self-hypnosis road then hypno-subliminals is a popular way to go or there are plenty of good alternatives on ebay.

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