Hypnosis has been around for at least as long as we humans have kept records. Hypnosis is a natural human ability. Every time we focus our attention we enter a kind of hypnotic trance. Our normal awareness involves us being aware of many things at the same time and our mind jumping around. So the defining characteristic of the hypnotic state is a single, or limited focus of attention.

For example, right now, you are focusing your attention on your computer screen and reading this. While you are doing this you have forgotten the sensations of your feet on the floor, or the blinking of your eyes. To be effective in any situation it would serve us to be able to narrow down and focus our attention so that we are less aware of the irrelevant aspects of our experience. Hypnosis is simply an extension of this ability. We can see this working when we are reading a book or watching a film and someone asks us if we would like something to drink. You may have had the experience of not hearing them say anything at all, or being only semi aware that they said something, but having no idea what it was that they said because you were so engrossed in the film. Another example is when you drive a car, you are in a state of light hypnosis. You are in control of the car, yet you are operating on autopilot without really realizing it.

The deepest state of trance that we experience is when we are dreaming. During dreaming, we are totally immersed in a self created imaginary reality with little or no awareness that it is not real. Dreaming is an incredible demonstration of our brain’s ability to simulate reality and a clear indicator of why hypnosis works. It is common place for a hypnotized subject to vividly experience an imagined reality, less than in dreaming perhaps, but very absorbing nonetheless. The rapid eye movement of dreaming has also been observed during hypnosis.

The human brain has four main brain wave patterns, they are: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. As you read this article, you are probably in the beta pattern. Which means, you are alert and able to concentrate on what you are reading. The beta pattern is what we all normally inhabit during wakening hours. The alpha pattern is a relaxed state. You are able to access creativity and wander off into visualization. Theta state is a deeper state of relaxation. It is the common state of hypnosis and meditation. Theta allows us to access memories. We experience theta as we fall asleep and wake up every day. Finally we have delta state. This occurs while we sleep. Delta allows our body to heal. We are able to access our subconscious mind during the alpha, theta, and delta patterns and can also reach various depths of hypnosis.

Understanding brainwave patterns can help you to connect the experience of hypnosis with the brain wave activity in your brain. Most people enter the alpha and theta patterns during hypnosis, and every subsequent time, they tend to go into a deeper hypnotic state or further into the theta range. If you were to fall asleep during hypnosis, you would have gone into the delta range or deep sleep. You would be unconscious at this point, so suggestions would not take a hold on the subconscious mind. On the other end of the brain wave spectrum, if you where to remain in the beta range, your conscious mind would be dominant. You would have too many filters such as beliefs, values, ethics, and past conditioning to allow suggestions to take hold.

Hypnosis is a method that let's our subconscious mind communicate directly with our conscious mind. Which explains how hypnosis can reprogram us to get rid of unwanted habits, such as smoking, stage fright and nervousness. Furthermore, hypnosis can increase our confidence and self esteem which can greatly improve ones life.

The subconscious mind has 3 specific attributes
1.) The subconscious mind believes in whatever you tell it whether it is right or wrong
2.) The subconscious mind cannot comprehended negatives
3.) The subconscious mind will make anything you tell it is true, or is not true, become true

Research and evidence demonstrates that there is indisputable evidence of the effect of hypnosis on the brain. There are clear and well defined levels of brain wave activity and these match levels of hypnotic state. These hypnotic states have been observed and scientifically proven with studies and devices.

Hypnosis is not about mind control, but is an effective method to communicate with your unconscious mind to create positive new changes. In short, Hypnosis is one of the gateways to unlocking the power of our subconscious minds!

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Along with Dr Harold Ludwig, I am the co-creator of the LOA System, a system which uses a specific balance of scientific methods to help people tap into the right side of the Law of Attraction. Our website can be found here http://www.loasystem.net

I have been constantly studying and gaining an understanding of the great universal laws since 1999 when I first read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

I have a huge interest, and an ever growing understanding and knowledge of the workings of the subconscious mind, brainwave technology, hypnosis and subliminal technology.

As well as being a fully qualified hypnotherapist since 2004 and NLP practitioner since 2008, I am also a writer and blogger for the past few years...