Cleanliness and hygiene has a lot of importance in all the religions and societies, but Islam has given such a strong emphasis on maintaining the cleanliness that any other religion might not have given such emphasis. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said that “Cleanliness is equal to half faith”. This shows the importance of hygiene in Islam that in order to have a complete faith, you must maintain cleanliness at any cost. Unless you have not maintained proper cleanliness, your supplication i.e. Namaz will not be so you should be properly clean and in the state of Wudhu (ablution). Also, our other holy obligations also require cleanliness of body and mind because intentions matter a lot in Islam, and if your mind is not clean along with your body, then your obligations will not be completed.
According to Ahmad and Tabrani, when a Muslim sleeps after doing Wudhu (ablution) and wakes up at midnight to ask something from Allah Almighty, Allah always listens to his prayers and grant His blessings upon that person. In another hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) defined the necessary things which should be done in order to be properly clean. These things are cutting the moustache in proper Islamic way, keep the beard grow in the way of Sunnah, clean the teeth with Miswak, cut the nails, cleaning the armpit by removing unnecessary hair and washing rest of the body parts with water properly. When a person performs Umrah by cheap umrah package he should be neat and clean otherwise his Umrah will not be accepted if he is in an unclean and unhygienic way.
There is no religion in this world which says that cleanliness is not important. It should be considered in mind that that whatever Islam has told us, it is for our own benefit. If we stay clean, we will be safe from many diseases and disorders that occur due to unhygienic habits. Apart from cleaning our bodies, we should also keep our houses clean and should also keep our overall society clean because the country in which we live, is our mother land. If we will not keep it clean then who will. Muslims mothers and sisters who are willing to go for hajj with cheap hajj package they prefer cleanliness as well in their home. We should teach our kids from their childhood the importance of hygiene in Islam so they can keep themselves clean and their surroundings as well, so that we can live in a hygienic environment.

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