Hydration is the retention of water. But why is it important? Water is the main source of hydration for the body. Water is essential for the body to function properly to remove waste, maintain body temperature, lubricate joints, strengthen immune system, maintain body fluid balance, reduce susceptibility to kidney stones, softening skin, losing weight and many other important functions.

Skin is the largest and an important organ in your body. It is the immediate barrier between your internal tissues and the environment. It is the protective layer you need from chemical, microbial, and sun rays. It also transmits sensation from the environment to help react to any changes. In addition to that, a healthy skin helps produce vitamin D when exposed to the right amount of sun. In order for skin to remain healthy and functional, hydration is essential. It is in the deepest layer of skin where water is stored. Hydration with water helps reduce wrinkles and keep you looking younger with soft and glowing skin. A less hydrated skin will look dry, dull, and less resilient. This will cause the skin to be more prone to wrinkles.


There are many natural ways to hydrate the skin and stay hydrated. These include:

• Drinking plenty of water, at least 8 cups a day, especially after waking up in the morning.
• Drinking water before, during, and after working out
• Eating water-rich foods
• Applying a good moisturizer, cleanser and exfoliate
• Keeping a bottle of water with you or close to you at all times
• Cutting down on drinks high on caffeine (diuretics)
• Avoiding beverages high on artificial sweeteners or sugar
• Reducing alcohol consumption
• Avoiding processed foods with high salt

Signs of dry and dehydration skin:

• Irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and sensitivity.
• A feeling of tightness or tautness
• A look or feel of roughness
• Slight to severe flaking and scaling
• Fine lines, severe redness and cracks that can sometimes bleed.

The skin becomes dehydrated if the following happens:

• Not enough water consumption.
• Longer hours at tanning beds.
• Weather/environmental factors such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, cold winds, air heating from air conditioning units.
• Diets: lack of essential fatty acids or certain vitamins can cause hormonal imbalance that will lead to dryness and scaling, excessive intake of foods high in sugar and salts, excessive intake of alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

If dehydration is caused by factors other than mentioned above, then it is called dry skin. Dry skin happens when there is lack of oil (sebum) production, not water. It is natural for some women skin to be none oil producing. In both dehydrated and dry skin, the symptoms appear to be the same. These symptoms include itchy, sensitive, flaky, and dull skin. When skin is dry, you feel it all the time regardless of weather, diet, or age. It only gets worse with aging. If kept untreated it will lead to premature aging. So to prevent premature aging, oil based moisturizers need to be used constantly.

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