Human brain requires a regular and balanced flow of blood and oxygen for its proper functioning. The absence of oxygen and blood to the brain results in the death of crucial brain cells which thereby impairs or damages the functioning of the brain.
Hydergine is a mind power drug which works by improving and regulating the flow of blood and so in a way the flow of oxygen to the brain. This wonder brain drug is made or derived from a chemical called ‘rye’. Hydergine by enhancing the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain cells, rejuvenate them.
Actually what happens is when the amount of oxygen reaching our brain cells is higher or lower than required it results in the production of free radicals which thereby kill the healthy brain cells when they get peroxidised resulting in rapid brain ageing and cell death.
Thus the impaired or lowered ability of our brain overtime is mainly the result of free radical damage which can now be prevented by using hydergine. Hydergine has the double function of increasing blood and oxygen to the brain as well as balancing the flow of oxygen in the cells to prevent peroxidation and ageing.
In another condition when the amount of oxygen available to brain cells is drastically reduced, it results in a serious brain condition called hypoxia which if prolonged can lead to death. Thus in certain conditions when the supply of oxygen is less such as in mountaineering, astronauts in space etc, hydergine can prove to be extremely beneficial.
Since hydergine is a nootropic which can react with other nootropic drugs, it should be taken cautiously under the supervision of a doctor. So if you are already taking other mind power drugs, you should either stop taking those or wait before taking hydergine.
Moreover, hydergine can also affect other conditions such as liver malfunction, low blood pressure, slow heart beat and other mind related problems. Though the drug has no major effects, certain mild adverse effects that are associated with this medicine include dizziness or lightheadedness when getting up from a lying or sitting position, drowsiness, skin rash, slow pulse.
So it is always advisable to consult a doctor before you take this drug. The recommended Hydergine Dosage is however, 0.5mg of sub lingual tablet thrice a day. The medicine otherwise comes in 1mg, l.5mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, or 5mg tablets.

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