Husband Slept With Another Woman While Separated: How You Can Save Your Marriage By Ending An Affair

Learning how to stop an affair and get your spouse back is very important. By approaching your spouse and the other guy or girl the right way, you can save your marriage without going through any kind of trouble.

It is estimated that at least 50 percent of all people will have an affair at some point in their life. The most common reason why people commit an affair is that they are not getting some things that they want from their spouse. It could be sexual satisfaction, emotional love, or other things.

Stopping an affair does not mean stopping it directly and that's it. You must understand why and how it happened. Know the root cause of the affair. Know that an affair is just a manifestation and that the real problem is hidden.

The very moment you notice that your spouse is having an affair, you must confront him or her immediately. Solving this problem while on its early stage is much easier. Do not expect the problem to solve itself or that this is just a phase in your marriage. Remember that an affair is one of the leading most causes of divorce and separation.

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Below are the best ways on how to stop an affair:

• Confront - Talk to your spouse about the affair and how it is affecting you. It is important that you make your partner realize the damage that will be made because of infidelity. Make your spouse promise to end the affair immediately.

• Get Help - Approach your friends and family and tell them about your spouse's affair. They are in the best position to help you and they are the persons who know the both of you very well.

• Counseling - Although it might be expensive, getting professional help is the best way to end an affair. You should get advices from experienced relationship experts and counselors if the gravity of the problem requires.

• Online Help - A very effective and affordable substitute for counseling is having online resources about how to stop an affair. It is created by counselors and psychologists that have helped thousand of couples. It is also very easy to avail as you can instantly get it from the Internet.

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The idea of getting married and living happily ever after is a big fat lie and one that so many of us hang on to as the "ideal life". In many ways movies feed us the idea that when you find the right person everything will just be perfect forever. The truth is that all great relationships come from great commitment. Like anything of value in life you have to work at it and make it great. Even if you find your soul mate there will be inevitable challenges that you need to face, deal with and overcome along every step of the way.

Even if you are in an intimate relationship the two of you will be on separate paths. We all go through different stages of life and often times its vastly different from that of your partner. The secret to a successful relationship is not to force one another unto the same path but instead to give as much help and support to your partner along their path.

When challenges in a relationship are not dealt with and when the relationship is not being looked after then problems will start setting in. If you are having marriage problems then these 3 simple tips can help you transform it and recapture that loving relationship that you both desire.

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1. Resolve issues quickly and properly.
So often issues arise in the relationship and instead of saying something and dealing with it, we allow it to fester. These problems are like poison and as long as it remains unresolved it will always be there - breaking down the relationship. Its important that you face issues head-on and deal with it as soon as possible. This will prevent further damage and the inevitable poison from infiltrating the entire relationship.

2. Spend time together.
In the rush of daily life we often get caught up in the demands on our time. We end up not having time for the things that matter most. There is simply no substitute for spending quality time, alone, with your partner. Being together - alone is so important. Proximity is something that has no substitute and even if you don't talk or do anything - make sure you have that time together at least once a week. If you can, go away together and have as much alone time. It will help you to remember what's most important in life.

3. Plan your future - together.
Its been said that if you are failing to plan you are planning to fail. Setting goals and "designing" your future is an important part of a great relationship. Knowing where you are going is important because it will help give the relationship direction. If the two of you each have goals that go in separate directions then the relationship simply cannot survive.

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It's extremely important that if you want to truly salvage your relationship and save what is left of your marriage so you can start rebuilding it, that you know what you are doing. Too many couples decide to end their marriage in divorce because they just didn't have the tools to manage their relationship and help it to grow and prosper. Marriage can be a very complicated and difficult thing at times, but it can also be a beautiful and inspiring journey as long as both people involved are willing to try to make things work.

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Your first step in this journey is to figure out what problems you are having right now. To do that you will really need to start communicating with each other on a huge level. By this I mean you must be talking with your partner each day about some aspect of yourselves or the relationship. At first this task might seem a little bit daunting, but in time you will adjust and this daily routine will seem more and more like it is bringing you together.

When you communicate with each other, it's important to keep a few things in mind. You should always be respectful of what the other person is saying, and listen carefully as well. Often times when two people talk to each other, the person who is listening is just waiting for their turn to speak, not really giving their full attention to the other person. You must put forward all of your effort and focus your attention of your partner if you want the marriage to work. It's up to both of you to break down the walls that have separated you as a couple and start getting closer again.

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There is a big difference between a legal separation and a trial separation. A trial separation has no legal standing - it is an agreement between a couple (usually married) to spend some time apart in order to try and salvage the relationship. It is typically a last chance scenario, after all other avenues of reconciliation have been exhausted.

The basic idea is that spending time apart may help clarify whether you both truly want to be in the relationship or single again. It also allows each person to think without daily arguments and fighting that may characterize the relationship.

Basically, it's a final chance to see if it's worth continuing the relationship, or if divorce is a better option. As relationships evolve, sometimes people need a chance to reflect on them in a different setting - this is what a trial separation is all about.

It's important to plan the trial separation in advance - this will really help in keeping the couple together. It's also critical that both people make an honest effort to really reflect on the relationship in general, and on who they are in the relationship. One of the real advantages of this agreement is that it's a joint effort that maintains the trust in the relationship. Since there is usually a set time limit, everyone knows that the agreement will end at some prearranged time.

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Some of the other things that must be considered and planned out before attempting a trial separation include:

Money - Figuring out the living situation and the money situation is important to do before you begin. Usually, since there are now two places to pay for instead of one, there are some compromises that need to be made.

Children - What to tell the children is usually the hardest part of a separation. It's going to be confusing no matter what, so it's best to tell them what to expect and when they'll have a chance to see each parent.

Dating - Is dating other people allowed? People are usually conflicted on this, but I think that it just adds confusion to the relationship and the time apart.

Counseling - Typically this will be suggested by a marriage counselor. Counseling will continue through the separation, and the counselor may request that each person keep a journal of their thoughts.

There are many more decisions that need to be thought about, but the above are the biggest and most important.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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