Husband Neglecting Wife: Husband Completely Ignores Me

There is no easy way to answer the question why do men neglect their wives because some of the things I am about to say will not be things that you wish or like to hear.

The first reason why men neglect their wives is because they are too busy working to bring home the bacon. Being a working woman or not, it is not possible for you to truly ever empathise and understand how important your husband's job is to him. In many ways, his job is what defines him as a man. So while you, the wife, put your marriage and love relationship as top priority, his job is what holds an important position in his heart and mind. Not only for his benefit, but for you and his entire family as well.

If your husband neglects you because of work, there are still ways for you to remedy and change the situation over time. One way is to plan short romantic getaways in advance, so that he can put the plan in his scheduler. It also gives him time to prepare himself to take a break and holiday. An important thing to remember is not to use your short romantic getaway as a chance to dump all your grievances and unhappiness on him. If you need to do something like that, put it in an email. Don't waste his time by pulling him away from his work, only to make him feel horrible and lousy. This will greatly destroy his desire to go on any more holidays together with you. He may even grow to dread it.

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This brings me to the ultimate reason why men neglect their wives... Accumulated Bad Experiences. Who wants to spend time with someone who nags or quarrels with you? Especially after a long and hard day's work, all a man wants to do is come home, rest and unwind himself in front of the television or computer, reading or doing some exercise. Like it or not, the way you treat your husband each time he returns from work and walks through that door, greatly influences whether he looks forward to your presence or simply dreads the idea of seeing you and hearing your voice. It is up to you to create a conducive environment for your husband to return to. You can't just blame it on him and expect things to change for the better.

Conversely, if your husband works in a wonderful place with warm, fun-loving and friendly people, and he returns home to a grouchy, grumpy wife... Isn't it logical that he would rather spend time with other people instead of having to face you? So complain to your girlfriends... because the biggest reason why men neglect their wives is because the wife does not know how to, or has not taken the effort to cheer herself up and be a fun-loving, sexy wife. Be more like the woman he first fell in love with, and you won't need to play the victim of being a neglected wife.

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Because things don't go as smoothly as anticipated there becomes a struggling point and often a love problem, when common relationship problems crop up.

Relationship issues emerge, typically since of the contrasting beliefs of the people involved, or the disturbance of other matters.

It might be the trouble to reveal oneself in ways that other individuals can not really listen to and comprehend to what's being stated.

When it is based on truth between the two to be totally connected, a relationship filled love is certainly a miracle that is easy to manifest.

The Course in Miracles states, "When you maintain that there must be an order of difficulty in miracles, all you mean is that there are some things you would withhold from truth."

Sometimes there are those who merely don't know exactly what to do to build excellent love with minimal relationship issues.

Secure relationships provide assistance, enjoyment, and ease, but can also be the reason for pain, misery, and disappointments.

The natural stages of ups and downs in vitality, attraction, and passion can set stress on love relationships.

People have little hold over these aspects.

A great deal of problems turn up from elements such as job or career and financial pressures, or aims and expectations that are various amongst partners.

These are the parts where one can make modifications, and improve relationship satisfaction and construct stronger ways for fresh growth together with minimal common relationship problems.

The most common relationship problems include bad communication, poor problem-solving skills, insufficient partner support, and lack of quality time together.

Poor communication is one of the most common relationship problems the majority of people experience.

Starting with eliminating all distractions such as TELEVISION and radio noise, and rather arranging more quality time that fits both partners, is a great way to set off communication.

Get a grip on no longer interrupting the other individual when talking, and avoid classifying the partner.

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Opening up true lines of communication is a sign of real strength.

- Speaking about great factors of the relationship along with the relationship problems, can positively assist develop great interaction.

- Poor communication skills affect the relationship and turn into one of the common relationship problems due to the fact that to fix a broken marriage, for example, there's got to be communication from the heart.

The capability to thrive for rekindling the old love might help in resolving even the simplest petty disputes and the common barriers to solving relationship problems.

It's vital to be able to recognize the root of the issue along with selecting the suitable solution is as crucial also, and this is when couple's therapy surely might help.

When partners begin not having practical needs met and sometimes may lead to infidelity in marriage when the partner doesn't fulfill them, insufficient partner assistance is.

I know that sounds selfish, but it is a fact on why and how infidelity in marriage begins, and not being able to efficiently communicate one's needs, can likewise lead to severe hurtful arguments.

Both involved should give and get adequate understanding of the other's needs for love and affection in order for the relationship to flourish.

Lack of quality of time together includes not having the ability to collectively plan investing valued time together and not having the ability to acknowledge shared interests.

When this kind of lack occurs the couple is not able to center on positive things and enjoy the same things together.

Common relationship problems need to be dealt with from the minute it is realized before things gradually get worse.

Dealing and treating with these issues results in positively better relationships, than simply putting them aside with hopes that it would just vanish.

To save your relationship is in addressing the fact that of the clashing beliefs of the people included, or the disruption of other marital or relationship issues.

Be certain to get over the difficulty to expressing yourself to your partner and try to be more open with one another and listen to and understand to exactly what's being stated.

Poor interaction is one of the most common relationship problems that most individuals experience.

When there is a love problem can help for the possibility of further relationship issues arising, better interaction in a relationship.

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Marriage is something sacred and although people seem to forget that marriage has a great deal to do with God, you should be no different. Having a strong religion and connection with God will influence you in wanting to make your partner as happy as possible.

The person that you decided to spend the rest of your life with should be your biggest blessing. You said your vows in front of your friends, family & God. Having a relationship with God will help you to be more Christ- like.

Having the same beliefs and cherishing the same things in life will bring you a bond that is unbreakable.

When you were young and growing up your parents sat you down and gave you the word of God. So why wouldn't you do the same for your children. They will not learn on their own.

You should put it in to your everyday life.This should also be something that both parents do together. If your children see that is only important to one parent and not the other they won't take it as seriously.

They will wonder why it is okay for you not to be as intrigued as they are. A serious topic like religious should be approached with the most care. Watch what you say and do around impressionable minds.

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They remember and know more than you think. Make sure you are setting the example that you want them to inherit.Whether you are new to religion or you've been in it for as long as you can remember, we all make mistakes.

We all do things we know we shouldn't be doing. Some make small mistake and others big. No matter what you should always be aware of your actions.

Your partner and you are a team. Even if you're as Christ- like as humanly possible, you spouse make be having a harder time than you. It is your responsibility to pull through with them and make sure you get through this together.

Where one person is weak the other might be strong and that is why God put you together, to make you a strong team.

Nobody can do it alone, Getting through hard times and major struggles will only make you stronger if you can't stick with it and make it through.

Set a goal and don't give in to temptations of quitting. Set reasonable goals so you don't set yourself up for disappointment. Find healthy and constructive ways to keep your self-occupied. It helps when you're in a low spot in your life.

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Relationships are an important aspect of our life, especially the relationship we have with our spouse. This is precisely why God has given us a most special design for applying into marriage. Gods purpose and plan for us has no flaws and never changes like the culture of society does.

What do you see going on in the world with marriages of today? The divorce rate is going up and up, and the culture is becoming more and more perverted. What do you think is going to happen if people continue to follow what they see in the world as right for their marriage rather than follow what was meant to be for marriage?

I do know that at times it is difficult to follow Gods plan for us, and it seems like we are the only marriage with trials and tribulations, but all relationships experience problems from time to time. Unfortunately, most of the quandaries of marriage never get resolved properly because couples just don't have the determination to fix the marriage.

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No doubt about it, marriage can sometimes be difficult and demanding but we should focus on what is important to us. God actually wants us to push ourselves on even through the heartaches and sufferings of marriage, as well as the good times. It creates in us better people, and it makes us stronger marriage partners, and it gives us the faith we need to lead our marriage under the convictions of Gods design.

"...Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance, character; and character, hope."
Romans 5:3,4

Don't let your marriage fall through the sand. It is never too late to start building your marriage upon the foundations of Gods design. Your house can be built upon the rock if you persevere onward through your sufferings, and do not falter, for you will be rewarded with a pleasurable marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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