Husband Ignores Me In Social Situations: Husband Ignores Me Around His Friends

As women when we get married we all have this vision of what the perfect man we would like to marry is like. We want someone to wine and dine us, make us feel loved, and cherish us till death do us part. Many times society has made men into the bad guys because they are not always able to do this and as women we cannot understand why our husband cannot change. The problem is he is hardwired to be the way he is and many times we just cannot change these things.

Now that I have given you a reality check, there is still hope for your marriage. I'm sure your husband didn't always ignore you, so I'd like you to think back to a time before your husband went into his shell.

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Did you nag your husband a lot because you didn't think he did something correctly? Nagging is never a good thing and can spiral out of control as time goes on and your husband ducks back into his shell more and more. You see, the nagging is probably a reason that your husband started to ignore you, which caused you to nag even more. Each time you nag your husband you take away a piece of his feeling of respect that he desperately needs, even if you don't think he deserves it. Try to stop the nagging and there is a good chance that he will open up to you as time goes on.

Before your husband starting ignoring you, did you make comments about all of the new clothes that someone at work was buying? This may have been construed by your husband that he's not a good bread winner and he needs to work more. He may have acted on this impression and started working more which upset you because now he's always at work. In his mind, he just can't win, so now he's ignoring you.

These are just two examples of specific situations which may have caused your husband to ignore you. Each case is different and it may take some real soul searching to find that one specific thing that has caused him to tune you out. Once you find it, you will have to make sure your husband understands what you meant by it or take steps to turn the damage that has been done around.

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The pictures of better days still hang on the walls. Whether your spouse is home with you or not, you feel empty and alone. How could something so wonderful turn out so badly? It's not what you had hoped for and maybe it was completely unexpected.

The good news is that there is still hope. If there once was a loving relationship, it is possible again. It will just take some work and certainly some time. If you are still sharing the same home your one step ahead already in the process of reconciling and returning your relationship to one of bliss and joy. If you no longer share a home then it just may take a little longer, don't lose hope.

Some simple steps to move in the right direction should get your spouse to notice and even begin to desire your attentions once again. Begin by taking stock of your situation. How did you get to this place? What was your responsibility in this mess? Taking personal responsibility is the first step in your own healing process.

What did your spouse do to bring you to this place? Is it something you need to forgive and put in the past? Is it something you're able to forgive? Do not leave endless messages, e-mails, texts or in any way beg for forgiveness or the return of your spouse. You're better off creating a little curiosity than being needy.

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Focus your attention on any areas you need to improve on. Personal health, work related issues, spending time with your children or other family members. If you have any habits or vices that contributed to the decline of your relationship, now is the time to curb those activities or quit them all together.

Keep yourself involved in the things you enjoy most. If you have been neglecting activities you enjoy, now is the time to get back to them, as long as they are positive and moving you forward in your life. Become the person you want to be.

Step up your game, while taking better care of yourself, you will exude a more confident self image and people around you will notice. When the times come, be willing to kindness to your spouse. Most often the non-verbal elements of communication will have the greatest impact.

By taking these steps you are on the path to being all you can be. By now you will be experiencing a better quality of life. It takes two to destroy a relationship; it takes only one to positively affect change.

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Do you know what causes a blissful marriage to fail? There are many reasons that can destroy it. A blissful marriage needs two people to be committed to it. If anyone fails to do so, it cannot survive. Now, let me share with you a few common reasons a marriage fails:

1. Not enough commitment. Some marriages happen not because of couples wish to commit. A marriage can happen because of an unwanted pregnancy or some other reasons. If the couple is not really ready to commit into a marriage, it will fail.

2. Lack of communication. Open communication is an important factor that keeps a marriage going. When there is a breakdown in communication, a marriage will fail.

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3. Lack of trust. Trust is the bed rock of a blissful marriage. No one can commit to a marriage if there is a lack of trust. That is why when there is an affair, it is fairly hard to save the marriage. Once the trust is broken, it is very hard to regain it.

4. Not enough compromise. If a couple cannot learn how to forgive and compromise each other, there will be a lot of arguments. Frequent arguments destroy a relationship and cause a marriage to break down.

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Trust in a romantic relationship is one of those things that everyone wants to experience. Yet, some of us find it so difficult to trust anyone fully. Our experiences in other relationship may have done their part to make us more cynical and less trusting in general. However, it is impossible to have a healthy relationship where there are not adequate levels of trust.

If you want to have trust in your relationship, not only do you have to be trustworthy yourself but you have to be prepared to give trust. No matter your past experiences, no matter what the circumstances that led to cynicism in your life, you have to be prepared to demonstrate that you are prepared to trust your partner as much as you want to be trusted yourself.

Demonstrating That You Expect Trustworthiness

But exactly how does deliberately being trustful of your partner result in trust being returned to you and the level of trust improving in your relationship? We all tend to behave in a manner that we perceive is expected of us by the significant people in our lives. It started with our parents, if they had and continuously demonstrated that they had high expectations of us, we tend to want to live up to those expectations. Conversely if those expectations were low, then the same would have happened, the only difference is that our behavior would now be more negative in character.

The same principle tends to apply in close or romantic relationships where our partner is one of the significant people in our lives. If there is a demonstrated expectation that trust is important in the relationship at all levels by one party then the other party will naturally tend to want to live up to these expectations. Does this happen in all cases? No, there are always going to be actuating circumstances that would make someone behave differently than would be expected. But in general this principle will play out in the closest of relationships.

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So if you want to have trust play a major role in your relationship at all levels, you have to demonstrate to your partner that not only are you trustworthy yourself but you also expect the same from him or her.

Specific Steps To Building Mutual Trust

Here are a few specific steps that you can take to get this process of mutual trust going:

* Share information on what you are doing from time to time, whether or not it relates to your relationship. Being secretive tends to undermine the feeling of trust. Sharing tends to enhance it.

* Show a genuine interest in what is going on in your partner's life at all levels - with his career, his friends, his family, his hobbies and maybe most importantly, his feelings from time to time.

* Always express appreciation to your partner for having shared with you. This is a further reinforcement that trust is important to you. However, do this in a manner that does not come across as pretentious or overbearing. Be natural and be genuine in your expressions of appreciation.

Trust in any relationship is extremely important and even more important in a romantic relationship. Spending the time and energy to build mutual trust will pay off huge for your relationship and your life in general. Your relationship is there to serve you and your partner - to give your life more meaning, add zest to your life. Put the right components such as a high level of mutual trust in your relationship and watch it blossom and add glow to your life.

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