Husband Goes Out With Friends but Not Me: Husband Goes Out With Friends Every Weekend

If you are faced with a situation where you are continuously thinking that my husband doesn't want to spend time with me, it can be quite unnerving to put it mildly. While you take the initiative to organize some cozy time together, he somehow finds an excuse to stay away. If he has been doing this for a long time now, you have cause for concern.

However, many women when faced with a similar situation where they start to complain that my husband doesn't want to spend time with me fail to identify the real significance behind such an attitude. Things could be gong horribly wrong with the marriage, which the wife is not simply catching on. You need to know what it means when the husband is seeking excuses to stay away from the wife continuously, as catching the early signs can help you save your marriage from failing completely.

When you find that my husband doesn't want to spend time with me is becoming a nagging problem you need to look at the possibilities as mentioned below:

• Your husband obviously does not find your company stimulating or interesting. This could either be because you have genuinely become a boring, depressed or complaining individual or he has found someone else who he likes to spend time with more.

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• My husband doesn't want to spend time with me - think hard if you have been rude, insensitive, hurtful or even over-critical about him and his actions. Sometimes we hurt our partners without bothering about the future implications. Have you been taking his goodness too much for granted?

• Sometimes things are not as bad as you would like to think. Perhaps the reason why your husband does not like to spend time with you is because he is busy with issues or projects which you do not understand or he does not wish you to get involved in. Give him the benefit of doubt before you cast any wrong aspersions on him.

• When you are faced with the situation that your husband gets away from any opportunity where he has to spend time with you, in stead of brewing in your own guesses and assumptions, why not involve him in a frank and open chat? Without starting any blame game or indulging in any mud slinging, express your concern over his attitude. Tell him in as many words that your love and support for him is as strong as it was; that his present attitude is making you feel alienated. Watch what his comments are. If he plays the 'artful dodger' and evades a flat answer, things are more serious than it looks. But chances are that with a bit o coaxing, he would tell you what it is that is bothering him and how you can help him in the situation.

• In short, when you think that my husband doesn't want to spend time with me, talk to him, be kind and show your love and support for all his endeavors. You are bound to get his attention once again.

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Marriage is the most important decision you have to make in your life. When a couple realizes that their marriage is going down, there is nothing more important than saving marriage. You should talk about things that will be helpful to save your marriage. Many marriages today are experiencing severe strain but do not mean that the only solution is to eventually put an end to it by resorting to divorce. There are still lots of ways that can be done in saving marriage.

Marriage can be perfect especially for couples in love but having a perfect marriage needs more effort from both partners. Marital problems can result in divorce and separation, however, with the correct tips for saving marriage, couples will be able to survive and solve their marital problems.

What are the causes for marriage failures?

The first and foremost, a couple should understand the causes for their marriage failures and relentlessly, try to save their marriage. There are several reasons that can cause marriages to fail often leading to separations and divorce. Reasons behind a marriage failure are likely having a misunderstanding where lack of communication from couples are experienced, arguments due to money matters, infidelity and reasons whether the marriage at the beginning was a breakdown.

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The couple should agree to their decision and each one should make a promise to know better in dealing some unwanted circumstances which often leads to a serious fight.

Each one should be open about their feelings and emotions. It is not proper to hide anger, envy and jealousy for a longer time but pour it all out one day. This often leads to misunderstandings. Try talking to each other and find out what one likes or dislikes about their behavior whether for themselves or other people.

Being married is not entirely all wonderful and exciting but it is a relationship that both partners must work hard on to make it a wonderful marriage. In fact, marriage needs both efforts by partners to maintain a proper understanding of how their marriage should be.

Unpredictable schedules can also cause marriage failures, whereas both partners lack time for one another. Togetherness, after marriage, is very important most especially in time spent together, where passion and intimacy is experienced. But without the proper time given to their partners, they have a tendency to loss interest and begin to disregard one another.

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Some women, after getting estranged from their husbands, wonder "Will my husband ever love me again?" For some this becomes a pining leading to pain and sorrow. This question is being asked not only by those ladies who have been separated from their husbands but also by others whose marriage still continues. People on the verge of a break up are more likely to be haunted by this thought. Any woman, whether she is a wife, divorcee or only a lover can get their ex back if they make a serious attempt at restoring their love.

The situation can be classified into two categories. One, where the man still seems to love you but not to the extent that he did in the past. You wonder what has come over your man. The second situation is the more serious one, where cracks have developed in the relationship and the break up appears imminent. Before discussing what you need to do in order to win your love back, it is worthwhile to examine what things you may be doing wrong, because if you stop doing the wrong things, the situation will turn to the better.

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One of the things men want from women is encouragement. They like their women giving them confidence, encouraging them and inspiring them. Some women, out of love for their men, make them feel nervous and fearful, with the intention of making them improve the way they do things. But this often ends in a negative result. You will be able to make your man feel confident only if you are a confident and cheerful person. Men like women who are relaxed, laughing and jovial, giving an appearance of being in control. This kind of a cheerful attitude is instantly contagious and will make your man feel good about him too.

So, first groom yourself. You don't have to attend a workshop for this, paying a hefty fee and spending a lot of time trying to be trained by professionals. You can improve yourself just by observing others and emulating the good things you like in others. By focusing on just one or two traits at a time, you will soon be able to reshape your personality as a vibrant and lovable person.

If the love in your relationship has dried up, it might be due to your unconsciously changing your personality into a serious person. There can be several reasons why this happens but this happens to many women. The good news is you can change your personality and stop worrying, "Will my husband ever love me again?"

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Anyone can be assertive but it involves practice. We can't just one day say, "Hey I'm going to be assertive today." We have to realize the times when we need to be assertive and practice it.

In marriage there are many times when we need to be assertive with our spouse. We may need to let them know how we FEEL for instance. Being assertive is good for marriage. I'll tell you why.

1. It lets our spouse know how we feel
2. It tells our spouse that we have self confidence in what we do
3. It allows us to have what we need and want
4. We become more self assured in everything we do

Assertiveness isn't being aggressive, rude or violent. Assertiveness is expressing our self properly by telling others what we want and who we are.

I'm going to show you how to be assertive with your spouse without being overbearing and aggressive. We don't want to get overbearing, but we do want them to know how we are feeling.

People-pleasing types have a difficult time being assertive because they won't speak up for themselves. They want their spouse and friends to be happy, but later feel resentful and needy because of it.

We cannot be happy in marriage if we're ALWAYS trying to make our spouse happy! Can we?

When we apply assertive thinking into our life and marriage we realize how much more content we are with our self and others because we are pleasing our self instead of everyone else. Resentment? What's that?

When we are self-assured and know what it is we want and need, we become who we are and we show others who we are.

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We can still please others and be assertive, and so we shouldn't become selfish over it, and only consider our feelings. We need to find balance that brings us, as well as our spouse, and anyone else in the home, the happiness we all deserve.

I know that many couples struggle in their marriage and it's because of something a spouse did or didn't do. These couples are unhappy and on the verge of divorce. But you see, if they would stop focusing on what their spouse did or didn't do, and start focusing on what THEY can do about it, they would begin to "grow out" from the problems they carry from within.

Divorce has now become the easy way out. But this is a selfish and unrealistic way to perceive happiness. Happiness is something that you cannot find through others. To gain it, you must go after it. You cannot sit around hoping your partner will change, so you can be happy. You need to do something about it from your end. That is where assertiveness comes in.

Somehow we expect our partners to know how we are feeling and expect them to cater to our every need. But this isn't right. We can't expect our spouse to know how we're feeling. We need to speak up and tell them, and we can start by being assertive with what we have to say.

If someone doesn't know "who they are" or what they want out of life, they will never truly be happy-no matter who they are married to. The grass looks better on the other side of the fence, but it's a mirage.

We please our self by being assertive, and when we do assert our self we FEEL more loving. Love will flow freely from our heart and this is real love. Real love doesn't have any conditions or stipulations that need met, because we have already taken care of what we want for our selves by being assertive!

This is the kind of love that we all want, but no one ever seems to get. When we are happy and peaceful with who we are, we certainly don't need to be sponging off our spouse for happiness. We can give them more room to be who it is they are too. And now, instead of both spouses' being unhappy and miserable in the marriage, they both can be happy together!

Ironically, the more we please our self, the better marriage partner we become. With our own needs fulfilled, we will have so much more to give.

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Husbands prefer their wives to be assertive with them. They actually want to please their wives. They want their wives to be happy. But all too often husbands don't know what it is their wife needs because she doesn't speak up for her self assertively!

She wants to please everyone all the time, but afterwards, she complains about it, but it's too late by then. Sound familiar?

The problem starts when a "people pleaser" spouse has given to their limit, and ends up unfulfilled and discontented. Sometimes the need for fulfillment comes in the form of desperation, and causes all sorts of problem in the marriage. Bing! The grass SEEMS very green on the other side of the fence again. Now what?

The real problem is, couples aren't being assertive enough to tell each other what it is they want. Expectations become so huge that when they aren't fulfilled, disappointment and resentment steps in.

Someone in the marriage needs to break this pattern before things get out of hand. Don't expect your spouse to do this. Hang-up the pride and start respecting who you married. Choose to love. You can start by being assertive about what you really want.

If we don't get the respect or love from our spouse that we think we're entitled to, we start to cling to them for it, by any means possible. We might complain, nag, yell, scream, clam up, and become resentful.

The truth is, the more we cling to our spouse for happiness and try and control them through our neediness, the more they will back off from us, and the more desperate we will become. This is why I stress so often in my articles that to find happiness, we FIRST need to find it from within our self.

To get respect, FIRST we need to be respectful, to be loved, we first need to be loving. If we find this too difficult to do, then we back away for a while until it becomes easier for us to do. It is God's will that we respect, and honor the person we married. Don't beg for happiness.

We can seek peace and contentment through the spiritual self. We all have a spirit that God has given us. This spirit within us is all we need to bring happiness and peace into our lives. That means we should stop looking to what the culture does for their marriage and seek out what God wants for us.

"We have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, that we may understand what God has freely given us." 1 Corinthians 2:12

By utilizing the Spirit of God for marriage we will be given the understanding to know everything we need to know to be happy, peaceful, and content filled in marriage.

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