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There are many ways to resolve marriage conflicts and stop divorces. Most of these ways come in the form of reasoning and understanding. Communication can get strained, especially when unresolved issues have the chance to build up inside until they just blow, like a volcano.

No matter how much you love someone, you still have to understand that they're not exactly like you, and aren't supposed to be. You're supposed to 'compliment' one another, by being strong in areas of the other's weaknesses. You have to be willing to help each other through life without demanding perfection.

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It's extremely hard to be happy if you think you can rely on someone else for your happiness. By doing this, you're already expecting more than they can deliver, and it's not fair, to them, or to yourself. Be responsible for your own happiness. Marriage conflicts arise on a daily basis, so be willing to be flexible, and to stop divorce whenever it raises its ugly head.

Don't let yourself get so angry that you can't have a rational discussion. Be ready to talk and be ready to listen. Emotional outbursts rarely solve anything, and sometimes the sting of harsh words is harder to get over than many other things you can experience.

Many people jump straight to the divorce option, because of the frustration of trying to understand or see a way out. It's not as hard as people make it, and it's well worth doing to stop divorce by learning how to see trouble coming, and cope with it effectively, and resolving marriage conflicts as opposed to turning your back on them.

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There's no doubt that after a few years, a marriage is not as exciting as it used to be. With careers, children or both, time for each other seems non-existent. However it does not have be that way. Marriages were meant to last, but in these times, the slightest disagreement means divorce. Heare are ten tips to improve your marriage.

1. Remember what Brought you two Together

Think about your first date and how much fun it was. It certainly had to be because you kept on dating till you eventually got married. Think about what attracted you to each other. Those qualities must still be there, look for them. If you can't find them, then start dating again if it would help bring out those qualities.

2. Begin dating again

To bring out the qualities you saw in each other start dating again. What did you both do on your dates? Go dancing? Had romantic candlelight dinners? Go bunji jumping? Whatever it was, start doing those things again. Try it once a month and see how it goes. If there is some progress then continue it once a week. Make a start.

3. Communicate

I'm sure you've heard it time and time again that communication is vital in a marriage. It is. Communication is actually speaking with one another, not reading minds. A Woman's communication style is not always easy for a man to understand. We don't always say what we mean. But wives, we need to be clear in what we say and want. On the other hand, men don't always listen. What we say goes into one ear and comes out the other. Men, you need to start paying attention to your wife's needs. This could greatly reduce the 'nagging'.

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4. Tackle the Issues, Not Each Other

When there's a disagreement, please address the issue and don't attack one another's personality. That would just prolong the argument when it isn't necessary. Once you deal with a matter head on, it would be easier to find a solution to the problem. But if you insist on attacking each other the problem would just persist and all this leads to resentment.

5. Don't stay Angry

If you do happen to have an argument, don't stay angry for days or weeks. That's senseless. Pride has no place in a marriage. One of you must say 'I'm sorry'. Think about how much better you are going to feel when there's discussion rather than discord.

6. Compliment Each Other

What is your spouse's particular strength? You must not take each other for granted. If your wife is a good cook, then compliment her regularly on what a wonderful meal she has prepared. Is your husband handy around the house? Tell him how much you appreciate his help. This will go a long way in building respect for one another.

7. Give Without Looking for Anything in Return

Once you are in a marriage, giving of yourself is one of the keys to making the marriage work. If you do something with the expectation of getting something back, you'll be greatly disappointed. Giving of yourself means self sacrifice.

As time goes by in a marriage, the feelings you had for one another when you first met will not be the same. But this is no reason to give up and bail out. Practice these 7 steps and you could have a marriage that lasts 'til death do us part'.

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Is your marriage in crisis? If it is, there are certainly a few things you do in the hope of saving it. This article will let you know just a few of the things you can do to make a positive difference.

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Understand that happiness comes within. If you are one of those people that says "my partner doesn't make me happy", maybe you should consider for a moment why you thought they would? True happiness comes from within, and unless your partner is a true horror of humanity, a thoroughly unpleasant person, chances are the only reason you are unhappy is because of something inside yourself, some unfulfilled potential or hidden dream.

How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 2

Unify your home. Talk over how you picture your home in your mind. It's important to agree on this, as if you both aspire to making the home a different way, it's going to cause long term conflict. The typical example is the man wanting his home to look like his home, with his things where he can get at them etc, and the woman wanting everything neatly filed away at all times like a show home. You need to compromise together, as it's not really fair for either of you to expect the other to live how you want them to.

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Never compare your relationship to one from the past, or your partner to a past partner. This is never good. Firstly, no two relationships are alike. They can't be, as every couple has so many fine points of interaction, it would literally be impossible to replicate with a different person in the mix. It's like comparing your pet dog to a goldfish you used to have. Ridiculous.

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Arrange some together time. It doesn't even need to be a particularly large amount of time, the point is that it should be just the two of you and no distractions. No TV, no company, just the two of you. This will help you retain a sense of how to interact with each other.

How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 5

Actively reminisce about past times. The good times you have shared can act like the glue that bonds you together, and it can be genuinely good fun to talk about the past and exciting things you have done together. Another plus point to this is that the more exciting and fun things you do with each other, the more stuff you will have to reminisce about. Bonus!

As you've seen, having a marriage crisis doesn't necessarily mean you are going to have to divorce. These tips can help you through. Check out the links below for some of the best marriage advice around.

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Marriage has been around for centuries and centuries. You may think this is hard to believe but even the prehistoric man already had some sort of marriage ceremony or so it looked like based on the various cave drawings that many archaeologists have found. Nonetheless, marriage is a ceremony where two people come together to become one in all aspects of their existence. Marriage is serious business and you have to ponder and ponder before you jump into it. I am pretty sure that you will hear this from your parents or any concerned friend every time you would bring up the subject of getting married. Yet despite honest intentions, a lot of marriages fail and either the husband or wife is left asking himself or herself, "What did I do wrong?" Nonetheless, if you can detect early on that there are already symptoms of possible marriage dissolution then things might take a slightly less painful route. Instead of the previous question, you'll end up asking yourself, "How can I save my marriage?" Now that's a lot less morbid.

When you and your new wife get back home from your honeymoon, reality will start to sink in. There will be bills to pay, mouths to feed, and so much more. This will test your emotional mechanisms and how you would react to the various situations that would be posed in front on you. If you are not a master when it comes to dealing with stress, for sure fights will ensue between you and your spouse. Sometimes it can be a healthy argument and sometimes it can turn ugly with plates and china ware flying around your house.

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So one way to answer the question, how can I save my marriage is to have a logical and rational mindset. Problems come and go and always remember to not let them lord over you. This is a universal rule which applies to both parties and not just one. When there is a problem with the household, sit down and talk about it. When you feel that you cannot face your partner because of too much tension in your mind, go out and take a deep breathe. Emotional displacement is a great way to let the steam out. If you need more time, let your partner know that you need to spend time alone and that you love him or her. That is to give them an assurance that there is nothing gravely wrong going on that involves them as sometimes your partner may take it too as an early sign of marriage dissolution.

So there you go. One of the most simple and straightforward answers on how can I save my marriage. Remember, it is you who ultimately knows the ins and outs of your relationship. When there is a problem, talk it out in a rather civilized manner. Everything will be fine just as long as you compromise.

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