Every time I get a good reading focused around humility, it causes me to reflect back.
I can remember back to the time when I was sure humility had something to do with humiliation, and gosh knows that my life style had caused enough of that. I was not openly boastful and naturally thought I was a humble man. But give me a compliment, even the most sincerest of compliments and watch how I fumbled. It seemed like the simple response "Thank You" never crossed my mind; I always had a self-defacing response.
A good reminder from a good book:
Perpetual quietness of heart.? It is to have no trouble.
It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore;
It is to be at rest when nobody praises me, and when I am blamed or despised,
to wonder at nothing that is done?against me. it is to have a blessed home in myself where I can go and shut the door and kneel to my Father in secret and be at peace, as in a deep sea of calmness, when all around and about is seeming trouble.
- Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers,??p.?222
Thought to Ponder . .
Humility is not a station we arrive at; it's a way of traveling.
I marvel constantly at the changes that have occurred within me during the journey of recovery and I know there are more to come. It is a wonderful thing that I have been taught, to have a blessed home in myself where I can be at peace.
With that being said, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be heading for Dothan Alabama for a week or so of golf and fellowship! My HP is going with me, and I will be away from my office until about March 9. We all need a break to help maintain balance.

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