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On the question of discernment of peoples' motives and agendas. It reminds me of a time when I lived in a commune in the late 60's. No drugs, and the core group were really more interested in sorting out problems and helping each other figure things out. We were young. We had lots of surprise visitors from cities to our wilderness house by the sea. Friends who told friends who told friends.

Usually 20 would show up for meals, and never lift a finger to help maintain the place, not even to wash a dish! They always brought sleeping bags and flopped on the property or on the floor.

We had a leader, a benevolent dictator, who would approach them after three days of being guests. He would tell them that if they liked it so much here, wanted to stay, they would need to do chores like the rest of us. He would point outside to a weed-infested garden space. Start there, he would say. And they would be gone before sundown. That garden space was never weeded, just in case we needed it for this reason.

It is amazing, that human nature "as some say" is always giving and benevolent. Which means to me, is always giving. Really, as you see from the above story, the people are more willing to receive and take as necessary. Providing only for themselves, and as soon as the price for the services is asked for, they depart ways, no thank you... nothing.

I watch people every day, give, give, and give. Always being the humble servant, and in this serving, wear themselves down to nothing. When they become ill, or need assistance in completing the work needed done, everyone disappears.

I have a family, and when things needed to be done, I would say well who is going to do this work. You know the usual things, like sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, or even doing the dishes. I always got the same answer, "Somebody Else will do it".

Finally, after hearing this for many years time, I just got fed up and asked who somebody else was? They had no answer. Then I explained that I was the somebody else. At this point I was just fed up with life this way. Everyone wondered why I got mad and upset.

I would go to work, then come home, and clean house, do the chores, cut the yard, clean the kids put them to bed, then take care of myself. Seemed that the load never ended.

In this world, we need to learn to give, and in that giving we receive the blessings from above. Done in Humility and Humbleness, with Love, there are many blessings. But, the question is, who cares for the caregiver? When the time comes, is that another Somebody else will do it? I pray that many will see this, cause few feed the many.

It is tiring some days to be the one serving to the needs of others. When I get short tempered, or as some say "Attitudinal", some say what is wrong? What do you say? Come on, and do something. Complaining never got the job done. Just remember, Can't never Could.

Blessings to you and yours, and may you summer be cool and bright.

Happy hunting... And Don't forget, there is considered the "Fair" and "Equal" exchange of Energy..

Rev. Gerald Martin

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Gerald Martin

Health Intuitive

Gerald is a Professional Health Intuitive he has year of experience as an intuitive, medium, and spiritual life coach. His ability to look beyond the physical into the etheric has assisted many individuals in making better decisions an choices in their lives to improve their well-being creating a more balanced and healthy life style.

His approach is clear and direct. He has the abilities to give spiritual guidance which enriches one’s life and a sense of hope and resolve.

As a minister he is dedicated to God and teachings of spiritual awareness. He offers one solid foundation and clarity to build and create a stronger connection and communications within themselves and with God.

Gerald is an experienced reader and remote viewer. He has the ability to assist individuals with specific guidance and understanding with their personal and business situations with their personal and business situations.

As a medium he awoke with the abilities to see beyond this world into the unseen worlds and talk to those who have passed on and assist in their transition to the Light.

Rev. Gerald Martin is the CEO of the Ministry Of Thee Angelic Light as well as one of the instructors of the classes and workshops offered at the Heart of the Dove.

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