When someone achieves something, they could tell other people about it or they could simply carry on with their life. As a result of this, there is the chance that everyone they know will find out about what has taken place, or there is the chance that no one will.

A Closer Look

Now, if one was to tell other people, it could mean that they will come across as a bit of a show off. Thus, this could cause one to create a bad impression, and other people are unlikely to respond in a positive manner.

So although one is happy with themselves, the people around them could wonder when they are going to stalk about something else. But if these people didn’t respond in this way at the beginning, it could be something that occurs as time goes by.

At First

In this case, the people around them could be only too happy to hear about what they have achieved. They could end up being caught up in their experience and feel as though they have also achieved something.

One’s friends are then going to be proud of them, and it will be normal for them to want to celebrate with them. Yet once this has taken place, they could soon be ready to move on from what has happened.


Having said that, one might be in a position where they don’t come across in this way after they have achieved something. They could feel the need to tell others, but they won’t make a big deal about it.

One could tell certain people about what they have achieved and then they could carry on with their life. This doesn’t mean that they won’t celebrate with the people they are close to; what it means is that it will be seen as another important step in their life and not something that will define their life.

At Times

However, if one does make a big deal out of what has taken place, it could be because it is something significant. This will then be the exception as opposed to the rule, and this will show that they are capable of giving their achievements the kind of recognition that they deserve.

But when one always acts in this way no matter what they achieve, it could be said that their behaviour is not always appropriate. As while they might be believe that there is nothing wrong with their behaviour, the people they spend time with are likely to have a different outlook.


Alternatively, if one is in a position where they don’t tell anyone about what they achieve, it could be said that they are not giving themselves the recognition that they deserve. Through working hard and reaching a millstone, it will be important for them to celebrate.

This will give them the chance to reflect on what has happened and to bathe in the glory of what they have achieved. And if the people in their life are actually there to support them, they will be only too happy to hear about it.

Another Experience

Along with this one could talk about what they achieve, but when they do this, they could down play the whole experience. It then won’t matter what they achieve, as they are going to respond in the same way.

They could believe that it is important for them to keep their feet on the ground, so to speak, and not to get too carried away in life. So, if other people say that they should be proud of what they achieve, they could end up dismissing what they hear.


Still, there could be people around them who say that they have the right outlook, and that more people should behave in the same way. As far as these people are concerned, there could be only two options available when it comes to achieving something: either someone comes across as big-headed, or they act as though nothing has happened.

This is then going to be seen as something that is black and white, and there is only going to be one way to behave. One way of looking at this would be to say that one should keep their head down in life and not allow themselves to acknowledge their own greatness.

It’s False

But while one can down play their achievements, it doesn’t mean that this is a sign of true humility. Instead, it could be said that this is something that takes place when one is not comfortable with who they are.

At a deeper level, one could feel as though they don’t deserve to do well in life, and that it is not safe for them to express themselves. The toxic shame within them then causes them to play small and to make sure they don’t overshadow anyone.


When it comes to the people who support them, or admire how they behave, it could be because they also coming from the same place. It will then be normal for them to hide their light and to stay under the radar.

Healthy Pride

If one achieves something and they downplay it, it could be said that they are on the wrong path in life; whereas if they achieved something and they experience pride, it could be said that they are on the right track.

This would show that they feel comfortable with themselves and don’t feel the need to disconnect from what is taking place within them. Yet if one doesn’t feel comfortable with themselves, they could be on the right track and still down play their achievements.


If one can relate to this and they no longer want to hide themselves, it might be necessary for them to work with a therapist. This could be a time where one will be looking at what they believe and what is taking place at an emotional level.

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