From a very young age most of us were taught to respect authority; it started with our parents, then went onto include our teachers, and continued with the people we worked for. There will also have been the government, the media, and there might have even been different religious leaders.

Now, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with authority figures per se, as we all need to be guided from time to time. However, I believe that problems arise when we listen to everything that people in authority say and don’t think for ourselves.

A Parent-Child Relationship

When this takes place, we are like children and an authority figure is like a parental figure. It is then not just that they know everything; it is also that they have our best interests at heart.

And an authority figure doesn’t need to have bad intentions to cause harm; this can take place even if they have good intentions. As the saying goes, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions’.

The Downside

When a lot of people don’t think for themselves and listen to what the media says, for instance, it will be as though they all have the same mind. They will have forfeited their ability to come to their own conclusions.

Naturally, it is going to be easy to get these people to behave in a particular way; it will be like herding up a load of sheep. One way of understanding this would be to say that along with being brought up to respect authority, there is also the part of us that has the need to fit in.

The Primary Need

The need to fit in, or the need to belong, relates to our need to survive (and there would have been a time when not fitting in would have resulted in death), and this part of us can then override the part of us that questions things. It is a bit like how someone is less likely to be concerned about whether or not something is organic, if they feel so hungry that their body overpowers their mind.

There is also another thing that can play a part here, and this relates to the trauma that is passed down ancestrally. Due to what happened to someone’s ancestors, it can cause them to be extremely subservient, and this was something that I heard when I was talking to Ben Ralston, a therapist, healer, advanced Sivananda Yoga teacher, and writer.


It is going to be irrelevant that they won’t have met these ancestors, as they will be carrying the trauma that they experienced. Perhaps someone in their family line was burnt alive or put into a cage for speaking out about something.

Through doing this, it would have served as an example to all the other people who were around at that time and it would have made it harder for their descendants to stand their ground. Therefore, it is not going to matter if someone is aware of what their ancestors went through or not, as their behaviour will still be influenced by it.

A Clear Plan

What this shows is that there have been human beings who have tried to control other human beings for a very long time. And once one generation has been pushed down, it will be a lot easier to control the next.

It has been said that there are certain ‘elite families’ who are very careful when it comes to who they breed with, which makes a lot sense when ancestral trauma is taken into consideration. For arguments sake, let’s just say that these are the families that want to control the world.

The Upper Hand

Through not having all the baggage that the average person has, it will be a lot easier for these people to experience life how they want to experience it. Not only will they have more material wealth, but they will come from a long line of people who didn’t have any blocks around money.

Having such a small gene pool might lead to brain problems for some of the descendents, but it will also probably enable most members to have a certain level of intelligence. It is then not a mystery that these people live the life they do.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, what our ancestors went through doesn’t have to hold us back forever. Through becoming aware of what is going on in our life and acknowledging what took place in the past, we can liberate ourselves.

This is something that, Ben Ralston, the guy I mentioned above can assist someone with. As more people stand up and don’t simply tolerate the injustices off the world, the harder it will be for all this to continue.

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