As Light workers we know OUR personal vibration affects all those around us… always, so let’s radiate our light in a meaningful and loving way. The time is now to shine rightly from within. As we naturally start to release the things that hold us back... it is time to be our highest purpose and be of service to humanity.

We are at a crossroads between the material and spiritual worlds. The shift in vibration is upon us and is the fulfillment of our desire for transformation. It is what we asked for. It is the ending of one aspect of our spiritual journey and the beginning of another.

As a collective we are experiencing a multi-leveled release of the dualistic nature. When we feel fear this is a dualistic energy, which darkens our reality. It is simply what we created so we could experience something other than light, but in the past we forgot our truth, and fear took over our life. As light workers we know Fear cannot exist in the same mind where love resides. Every time we stop, drop, and shift into love instead of fear we are returning to our original true nature where our eternal freedom resides.

The structures of our lives as well as the beliefs they represent are being changed from the inside out and are opening us up to new insights and possibilities. Reality, as we know it, is breaking up with the new energies present on the planet. The old foundations are crumbling and many feel helpless... but we are creating new foundations in community spirit for humanity, opening new opportunity to fully establish the Light upon Earth.

Let’s be the change we came here to be and shine our light on all that we see including our own fearful dualistic thoughts. Our power is in this now moment. As light workers, we must become aware of every opportunity to replace duality with love and light and as we return to our heart center in all circumstances the harmonic nature between humanity and the world we live in is restored.

We are light beings. It is not so much that we MUST leave these things behind, but rather it is a natural evolution of the spirit, that we honor the new direction we came into this life for. We are here… to radiate and seed light into Earth. It is time for us to use our light to illuminate our life, our world and all of humanity.

Let’s acknowledge our divine magnificence, take ownership and responsibility for our reality, and move into what the word service really means. Each of us is sacred and important and the time has come that we see and commune with this grand spirit in each and every one. It is time for us to recognize and embrace the divine power in all and live our soul Truth!

We have entered into the most amazing period of time that humanity as collective has ever witnessed or experienced in millions if not billions of years. The essence of this time is a direct result of the level of consciousness that we, the family of light have acquired.

As the creators of our own future we will and are manifesting miracles. We were born into this lifetime with a purpose to fulfill this realization. We are here now because we are fully aware of the importance of this shift in consciousness that we are experiencing in vibration.

The period of uncertainty and powerlessness is over. We have learnt from without ness. We have had our experience with how it feels to not be aware of our divinity, power, wisdom and love from Source energy. Now we have regained our wisdom, light and connection within. Let us recognize one another for who we truly are and build a wonderful new reality together. Let us gather and ignite in our light we ARE all one!

Wishing you peace and great harmony on your path to the Golden Ages,
L(¨`·.·´¨) Light ?
O`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) Joy ?
V¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Blessings ?
E`·.¸.·´ Erica and Dwaine ?

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We are Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine and we have started the Human Harmonics Project which is a movement of people doing their part to change the emotional state of the world from a fear based reality to one of light and love. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission full-time for the past 3 years. Prior to this, Erica worked in varying fields with her Psychology degrees and Dwaine ran a Hypnotherapy Center and College for Hypnotherapy.

Through co-creating with musicians and artists around the world we create videos ( ), T.V. shows and Radio shows (our weekly Wednesday show can be found at either one of these channels: OR at this channel: ). We authored a book last year called "Value Your Vibration" and our e-book has all the contributions from our community of artists, poets, and editors. The Human Harmonics Project is world-wide human co-creation, come and join us at .

On our websites ( and ) we are creating and implementing effective ways people can easily change their emotional state from fear to love to manifest their own Utopian life's Project. All we ARE is LOVE and we are all ONE.

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