[Part 1]

Some of the most fascinating, appealing and insightful books that have been written about human psychology since the earlier days of the study of this mesmerizing subject are given below. These books have something important to say about one aspect of human psychology or the other. Most of these books are available at any good bookstore or can be ordered online from Amazon and other websites. This is the first part of a long series. Other noteworthy books will be subsequently released in the other parts of the series.

1. Men talk: How men really feel about women, sex, relationships, and themselves.
By A. Baraff.
Focuses on male psychology.

2. Crisis dreaming: Using your dreams to solve your problems.
By L. Lamberg and R. Cartwright.
All about dreams. Case studies, information on dream processes, interpreting dream
content and much more.

3. The clock of competence.
By R. B. Edgerton
Study of people with mental retardation. Talks about their fears, lives, hopes and the
effect of stigma. In addition a follow up of their lives after 30 years.

4. Driven to distraction: Recognizing and coping with attention deficit disorder from
childhood through adulthood.
By J. J. Ratey & E. M. Hallowell.
All about attention deficit disorder.

5. The romance of American psychology: Politics and culture in the age of experts.
By E. Herman.
Discussions about psychology’s role as the most effective philosophy in America.

6. Should psychology be a science: Pros and cons.
By J, Abra.
Answers as to should science be the most apt way of knowing about human beings

7. Patterns in the mind: Language and human behavior.
By R. Jackendorf
Study of the role of language in shaping human behavior.

8. Learned optimism.
By M.E.P. Seligman.
Wide range of topics based on research and theory in cognitive psychology.

9. You and your adolescent: A parent's guide for ages 10-20.
By A. Levine and L. Steinberg.
Self-help book on adolescence.

10. Don't panic: Taking control of anxiety attacks.
By R. R. Wilson.
Self-help book on anxiety attacks.


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