Gayatri Mantra is sun-Savita’s Mantra. Right since ancient times Gayatri worship has become a righteous duty for every Indian. The society was classed into various sects on the basis of the measure of vital force imbibed via solar worship and its usage in various social transactions. A certain sect was called Brahmins because it was close to divine consciousness and it was focused, evolved and observed Brahmacharya (sexual continence). The principle meaning of Brahmin is not that one is born to parents who are Brahmins but is one who imbibes divine energy. Such people ooze with divine aura. This divine aura is nothing but intense amount of vital force via Gayatri worship and attracted via Savita deity which results in an advanced intellect and Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect. It is definite that the emotions of such individuals will be very theistic, full of faith, widespread, generous and bent towards spirituality. Via ceaseless righteous activities they help human beings imbibe high thinking and ideal leadership. Thus in society they are crest jewels, revered and respected. The other classes are defined based on less imbibing of this principle and more attachment to a mundane way of living. But for all 3 classes Gayatri worship is a must. Those who ignore social responsibilities and are totally materialistic are called Antyaj. This was a purely scientific social arrangement. Today maybe its form has become distorted.

Ordinarily this will not be understood immediately that how can vital force center that makes like man a great thinking conscious existence be so widespread that it is merged into the atmosphere. But science today proves that it is a fact.

In the eyes of electricity specialist scientists earth is a ball full of magnetic power. Definitely chemicals do exist but behind its potential, working, method of transformation, transformation via admixture and other movements, electrical energy is at work. This energy is the very life of all materials. If it is trapped objects will lose their original special character and will become virually ‘dead’.

This fact is true not only for materials but holds true also for living beings. The principle that separates life from death is called Prana or vital force in spiritual parlance. Material scientists look upon it as a type of electricity.

Magnet and electricity are visibly 2 different existences but both are inseparably bound to each other and based on circumstances one stream gets converted into the other. If the magnetic region of this circuit keeps changing electricity will be generated. In the same way if on a piece of iron, electric wire is wound and electricity is allowed to flow in it, it manifests magnetic energy.

Around planet earth a magnetic atmosphere exists. Not only the task of gravitation but that many other tasks get executed. Where does this magnetism come from? What is its source and fount? Those who conduct research in this field opine that it is not a gift thatcomes from external sources but is an energy flow that emerges from the deep recesses of earth.

In Hindu scriptures and religious texts and in Japanese tradition it is said that one must sleep with the head in the north and legs in the south. In order to prove this right many psychologists like Richen Vaik, Durville, Chloric, Abravas, Regnault, Muller etc have done deep research. They concluded that for true and deep sleep the magnet of the brain must lie towards the north and North Pole. Thus it is best to sleep by keeping the head in the north.

Dr Morinsko in his experiments via magnetic apparatus while rendering the 3rd ventricle of positive pole succeeded in inducing artificial sleep. Like injections that render the brain unconscious this experiement also did the same. In comparison to beds of iron, wooden beds, in comparison to houses made of tin or iron, houses made ofwood or mud prove more useful from attaining good health standpoint. From the viewpoint of health it proved to be more useful because the bodydoes not unnecessarily hoard polarelectricity, space electricityetc.

Earth from a visible viewpoint appears to be a mass of mud, water, minerals, plants etc. Although man’s body too appears to be a collection of blood, flesh, bones etc, but from the elemental standpoint it is a walking moving live magnet.

Every cell of the body is a unit of electricity. Just as plants imbibe air from space via its leaves so too these cells imbibe frequency waves from the atmosphere. On its very basis they vibrate and oscillate.

Switzerland’s Dr Philips Aroles Paraselson’s opines that many diseases are the result of distortions and disarray of bodily magnet. There were diseases whose apt cause was not unfolded and diagnosis too failed. At such time Dr Philips Aroles Paraselsons administered required amounts of magnet to the root of the disease and thus patients were cured.

Magnetism’s North Pole controls a cell’s function and the South Pole nourishes the cell. By classifying ill health in 2 classes this conclusion can be made that from both the streams of the magnet whose, where and how much can be used.

With reference to this, scientists have researched deeply. A similar type of experiment has been done by the intellectual scientist Renault. Once when he was checking a mentally sressed patient he found that the Oscilliometer showed that the stress increased when the patient’s head was in the East-West direction. When the head lay in the North-South direction the patient got great relief. He said that this incident proves that man is bound to the magnetic streams of earth. It will not be amazing if in future Dr Renault’s this observation disproves the theory of evolution and that man orginates from a single cell called amoeba. Vital force or life energy is an eternal principle which due to an explosion manifested as small creations in the world after flowing from some central mass of the cosmos.

When a dog, cat, bull etc take a particular road once, they easily return from that place. With reference to them it can be said that via nature’s symbols they travel with ease but there are certain birds, fish etc that travel thousands of miles, they do so at night too and also in various seasons yet they return to their previous destination. It is amazing that without any apparatus which shows them various directions and with the help of only inner intuition, they travel for miles and miles, without losing their way.

In winter European cranes start flyingfrom Europe and land in Africa. Crows with black head travel 6000 miles to travel from one place to another. Despite having no knowledge of directions it was a topic of amazement as to how they reached their destination. The journey mainly takes place at night. It has yet not been proved that birds travel with the help of knowledge of stars twinkling at night hence it is mindboggling. Biologists researched into this field and unearthed that the mystery may be anything but one fact stands out. It is this that birds travel in tandem with earth’s magnetic lines. Experiemnts clarify this further.

Once crows were caught and on their bodies certain symbols were attached. These crows had the habit of traveling towards the North Pole. This time they were caught in Germany and 500 miles from there towards the east they were freed on the river Keel. This time they started flying and reached Scandinavia. When a comparison was made between the flying path of 1st time and this time it became clear that this path was parallel to the 1st flying path and was also in tandem with magnetic lines. Experiments on Hale and Salmon fish too proved this fact and it was made clear that the lives of creatures are influenced and inspired by magnetic energy. In these experiments the example of a bird that swims in water is wondrous. It was let loose on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and from there after traveling for 3050 miles reached its home in Scorwom Islands.

Living beings are greatly influenced by magnetic forces. The termite ant makes its home parallel to magnetic lines. When on earth magnetic storms arise, termites and ants get perturbed greatly; to the extent that the initial and middle stages of cell splitting are influenced by magnetic energy. Chromosomes always lie on the polar region of cells. This proves that life energy based electricity is pervaded by magnetic potential or something akin to that.

Not only lower life but even human beings are influenced by magnetic energy. In 1845 Dr Richenbeck by studying various dreams dreamt by various people proved that one gets agitated if one sleeps with the head in the east and legs in the west. On the other hand sleeping in the north-south direction one sleeps peacefully. Even the research of Dr Cleric and Durville prove this point and they say that the scenes seen in a dream are related to magnetic energy. Dr Renault, Ambras, Muller, Lapris etc have proved the above data via experiments.

Regarding earth’s magnetic power modern scientists are just putting forth some imaginations and infer that in the womb of earth lies gigantic vaults of magnetite or ferrous oxide. As a result the earth functions like a giant magnet. The reason why human beings and other creatures are influenced by magnetic energy is that their body has iron based hemoglobin. And yet the real reason is that the rays of sun are electromagnetic in nature. The sun renders earth magnetic in nature. In the previous pages while discussing the creation of polar aura this has been elucidated. The basis of life on earth is photons of the sun. Hemoglobin found in man’s body is verily vital force which is imbibed from the sun. It reaches our body via air, will power and food. In womens’ bodies it is called ‘Rayi’. It is because of opposite magnet pole influence that males and females get attracted to one another.

Dr Marinsko via many experiments has proved that magnetism influences our psyche center too. By infusing positive electricity in the brain’s 3rd ventricle he would induce people to go to sleep. Electricity and magnetic energies are quite similar and one, can be transformed into the other. He also showed that dream experiences too are influenced by magnetic fields. I have given many such examples that dreams of many turn out to be true. Thus it seems as though in human magnetic energy lie thought, omniscience and all pervasiveness. If this is true then the Indian belief that via auroral light a living being goes to higher or lower worlds too is not erroneous. In Puranas there is a description:

Nagvithyuttaram yaccha saptarshibhyashcha dakshinam.

Uttaram savituhu pantha devayan iti smritaha.

Uttaram yadgasatasya ajavithyashcha dakshinam.

Pitruyanaha sa vai pantha vaishwanar pathad bahihi.

MEANING: Devayan is sun’s path that goes to the north and is north from Nag Vithi and south from Saptarshi. That which is north from Agasta’s star and south from Ajavithi, external to that Vaishwanar path is Pitriyan path.

This path is created via earth’s magnetic energy and sun’s photons. Its nature is that of electromagnetism as mentioned previously in the topic of polar aura. The positive and negative charge of electricity flow towards each other and is nothing but electricity or magnetism. In Vedic terminology it is called ‘Eti cha preti cha’. In the Rigveda (10/189/2) regarding this it is said:

Antashcharati rochanasya pranad panati,

Vyakhyanamahisho divam.

MEANING: This energy which is a vibration of Prana-Apan is the very basis of life.

Akrishnena rajasa vartamano niveshayannamritam martya cha.

Hiranya yena savita rathena deve yati bhuvanani pashyan.

MEANING: Travelling from black colored worlds death and immortality meaning inert nature and vital force (positive and negative or North Pole magnet and South Pole magnet) managing both properly Savita (solar vital force) in a golden chariot while seeing all the worlds and giving holy Darshan to all, is arriving.

Where on the one hand it is being proved that life force is electromagnetism there on the other hand scientists are unfolding proof of it arriving from the sun. The fact that scientists have found/measured black spots on the sun proves that the solar world is related to another very gigantic seed planet or the cosmos. With reference to this future research will prove heavenly salvation and existence of a worldwide authority and the need to attain it.

From this it is definite that during Gayatri worship via meditation on Savita our brain’s magnetism attracts and imbibes sun’s photons and thus augments our life force.

Man in a sense is an egg in whose inner center exist yellowness and all around white fleshy substance. Man’s body can be said to be yellowness and aura surrounding the body can be called whiteness. Thus the visible and invisible both makes a complete personality. In fact this analysis too is a bit erroneous. Man is said to be related to that measure of region wherein he can influence certain regions or get influenced by certain regions. This boundary is limitless hence man is also called limitless.

The visible mass of earth is small but if its atmosphere, magnetic radio arena and interplanetary give and take is considered it will appear that it is but a cog in the wheel of cosmos’ family’s gigantic machine. If earth separates from the cosmic family it will cease to exist. In the same way man is also a small link in the giagantic chain of cosmic consciousness. A small part of a watch is useful only as long as it is aptly bound to the watch. If it separates it becomes nothing but dirt. Let man think he is alone but the reality is that his grandeur, joy and effort of progress are totally dependent on cosmic consciousness. The soul’s clothing is the body, around the body is aura and within this aura are movements of limitless subtle energies. All this together makes man all pervasive. The link between the limited body and limitless cosmos is this aura which lives like a shadow around man. Despite not being visible its role is so mind boggling that it must be looked upon ‘n’ number of times more important than the visible gross body. The body perishes but never this aura or halo. In the form of ghosts etc these are known to move about. It is possible that someone takes birth somewhere but his/her aura independently functions as a ghost.

Visible and invisible forces working on earth and in interstellar space are not lone or complete. They exist because of others’ give and take, bond and combination. The atom’s existence is not its own earning. Not only earth but other worlds too benefit it else atomic activities would remain mere movements. It would not accomplish any zest augmenting goal.

The same holds true for the human personality. If this body created via cells were not vessels of grace of other far off existences it is possible man would remain a lowly creature.

The speed of inert atom generates a kind of electricity and when conscious existence enters it, life or living beings manifest. In polar region, magnetic storms keep arising whose light is called ‘Aurora Borealis’. It can be called the union/vibration of subtle movements of earth along with other planets. This is the ‘romantic’ relationship between earth and other planets as a result of which like the 5 sons of Kunti various movements of five take place. Their activities come in front of us as being wondrous and power packed.

When the salty water of sea lashes against ships/boats made of metal, electrical waves are generated. Shipping scientists are aware of this electricity manifestation and are alert about its dangers and benefits.

In the same way bodily cells bang against electrical flow of the atmosphere and ether and thus electrical flow is generated. In cells, metals and chemicals of apt measure exist. They get excited when attacked and in this manner generate electricity. This is the very reason that in every man not only heat dwells but that various stature of electrical flow also reside. Via scientific apparatus it can be very well understood.

Human magnetism is conjoined to cosmic consciousness or Savita via a thin tube. The fact that a lotus manifests from Lord Vishnu’s navel and that Brahmaji manifests on its flower is a symbolic representation of the relationship between God and a living being. A babe in a womb is connected to its mother via an umbilical cord. Navel is said to be the middle center. Only after birth does the umbilical cord of the child come out and after cutting it the child and mother are separated physically.

Human ears hear only a limited level of sound flow but other creatures have such consciousness on the basis of which they hear those sounds which man is incapable of hearing. Via technology such whistles can be blown which man cannot hear but that dogs easily hear and run towards the sound. A dog can hear its owner’s voice from a very long distance which is impossible for man to hear.

Place a plain paper on a table and place a magnet on it. Slowly shower iron filings on it from a 1 foot height. It will be noted now that the filings fall down in a certain specially designed way. This design depends on how the magnetic power lines are aligned. From the way in which iron filings fall on the paper it will be clear what is the inner state of the magnet.

Man is also a type of a magnet. It accepts or does not imbibe in its inner state many gifts that are showered by the solar system. Whatever it is accordingly it gets magnetic streams from the cosmos that are similar to it self.

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