An aura of a person is usually the basis for aura psychic readings. In the paranormal sphere and several modes of mystical rituals, an aura is a theme of faint, glowing and incandescent energy enclosing a person or object, like a bright corona, aureole or crown light.

The implication of such a bright light that signifies a person of specific power, holiness or saintliness can gives out significant messages of what would transpire in the future, what has transpired in the past, and what is going on in the present life.

It has revealed in paranormal science that all living creatures including humans and all objects radiate specific auras. Mostly, these fields of energies enclosing all living creatures can be perceived whether impulsively and instinctively by average human perception or with people who are extra gifted to perceive such energies.

Gifted individuals who have the power to discern such auras will be able to discern, make out and connect every personality characteristic with the hues of various gradation and strata of every luminous light that an individual, animal or object radiates.

Cynics assert that the auras, light or energies that radiate from individuals and living creatures are being misguided as light emitted through migraines, fusion, epilepsy, disorders of the visual system and brain, or due to the effect of some drugs. Eye exhaustion can often produce, emanate or discharge luminous light around every living creature, and it being regarded as pure eye burn.

In Iran the luminous light that is being emitted by Zoroastrian kings and the prophets of Islam is being referred to as “farr” meaning “glory”. It would mean that if you have that radiance, you will be regarded as magnificent, admired and splendid.

In the traditional western piety of neoplatonism and kabala the luminous glow is connected with the sheen of the astral body, a faint form recognizable with the terrestrial atmosphere, which were in sequence with several spiritual abilities in a complex method of communication through colors, dimensions, sounds, scents, and other perceptible signs.

The representation of light found in The Bible is most often regarded with the notion of the luminous radiance or “body of light” that resembles elucidation that are present in Islamic customs.

In concurrence to the collected writings, prose, fiction, non-fiction texts and poetries of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and Archeosophy, every hue of the light has significance, denoting a concise spiritual condition.

A total account of the strata of the luminous light and its hues was interpreted by a theosophist in the 19th century. It was later improved by other Theosophists, Anthroposophist, and Archeosophists after that.

A British occultist W.E. Butler associated these lights with divining, psychic powers, spiritual and passionate emissions. He categorized these lights into two principal classifications: etheric and spiritual.

Auras are believed to function as a graphical quantity of the conditions of the health of the corporeal body. Another occultist, Robert Bruce categorizes auras into three forms: etheric, main and spiritual. In concurrence to him these lights are not concrete luminous radiance but a conversion of other uncertain corporeal interpretation that is supplemental to illustrational and graphical procedure. These radiances are not seen in total darkness and cannot be perceived unless some sections of the individual or object radiating the light can also be seen.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry, promoting the discovery of the personal spiritual path, awareness and self development.

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