“How are you Susan? “, asks my mother. I respond with “very busy Mom”. She quickly replies with,”busy is good”. I agree that busy is good if there is some balance with rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
For some reason, it seems as if our culture is getting busier and busier and as if people don’t have time for things of the heart. I speak truly from my own experience and through observation! We rush from errand to meeting, to flight, to phone call, to email. It feels as if our culture is one big marathon! We should walk, not run.
It is revered in our culture to make tons of money and rush around like a crazy alpha dog. The busier and more important you are the better! The faster you run and the larger your life is the better! I say that we need to slow down. Or more importantly, I need to slow down.
Our culture as a whole looks down on people who rest. We look down on other’s that take it easy. It can also be expressed in the explosion of power yoga in America. Yoga is practiced in order to meditate for hours without pain. We have the do, do , do part of yoga down in America, but there is very little emphasis of meditation in our culture.
Pacing ourselves in our daily lives prevents “pacemaker’s” in our future. It is essential for our mental and physical well being to slow down and enjoy a balanced life. Rushing, hurrying, and running through life at frenetic speed only creates wear and tear in all ways.. Being a human doing, rather than human being only speeds up time, and the true quality and richness of life is completely depleted!

“Human Doing Or Human Being?”

Author's Bio: 

Susan Foxley is a yoga teacher, life coach, and bodyworker in Santa Monica California. She has been teaching for eighteen years and writes a weekly blog on spiritual topics, as well as interviews spiritual teacher's. Find her or hire her at www.susanfoxleyyoga.com.