"At the moment of birth we are imprinted with a genetic blueprint that is a unique expression of ourselves and like no other." Carolyn Ford

According to Human Design, beginning in 2027, a new species of human will begin to arrive on Earth. The Solar Plexus (or emotional) center of these children will have evolved into a new form of awareness, often called spirit awareness. These children will function as group consciousness and will change the world through unconditional love.

Some of these children are already here!

Our role in welcoming and supporting these children and their spirit awareness is to empower them to freely express their gifts and fulfill their Soul’s purpose and mission in this incarnation.

Human Design is a tool to help unfold, interpret and understand individual uniqueness and potential. Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, Chinese, I’Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and Quantum Physics.

Prior to conception, the Soul created a blueprint of the energy signature for expression in this incarnation. This article describes the five Human Design Types,or signatures, and some simple, yet powerful, ways to empower children to unfold in their magnificence.

**A Manifestor has definition from the Root, Solar Plexus and/or Heart center to the Throat center, which allows them to initiate or engage in an activity without waiting or needing anyone else’s help. Their life role is to impact others through the initiation of their own action. The Manifestor’s strategy is to inform others before taking action. When a child is following their strategy, they experience peace and lack of resistance; they experience resistance, anger and potential rejection when they are not following their strategy. It is important to understand and acknowledge their need for autonomy and independence and to teach them to recognize the importance of communication in gaining input, feedback and commitment from others impacted by their choice or action.

A Manifestor child needs to:
-politely and respectfully ask permission of those who will be impacted by their decision or action
-learn patience while waiting for a response from others
-learn how to deal with resistance and rejection
-be given responsibility for chores or activities that they can do on their own
-be given space to spend time alone
-take a nap or go to bed before becoming tired
- learn to establish healthy and safe boundaries and limits
-be asked “Can I help you?”

**A Generator or Manifesting Generator has definition in the Sacral (or life force) center; the Manifesting Generator also has Motor definition to the Throat center. Their life role is to use their life force energy to build and generate. The Generator’s strategy is to wait for an invitation and then to respond based on internal sounds, such as "Uh-Huh" (for 'Yes') and "Un-Un" (for 'No'), which emanate from their sacral center. These sounds are aligned with the correctness of the invitation for the child; and even a “no” response is a correct response. You can support them by asking “yes” and “no” questions to help them gain clarity. When a child is following their strategy, they experience satisfaction and when they are not following their strategy, they experience frustration; the Manifesting Generator child will also experience anger. It is important for the child to remain patient while waiting for the special invitation that will allow them to engage their full life force energy. If they become impatient and react without waiting for their internal response, they will find themselves in unsatisfying and unrewarding situations which can affect their self esteem and self love.

A Generator and Manifesting Generator child needs to:
-explore and engage in activities that spark their interest and passion
-learn in a self- paced environment
-engage in daily exercise and physical activity
-rest or go to bed when they are tired and not at a set time
-be asked "Do you want to do this?" "Does this feel good to you?" "Is this good for you at this time?" "Is it better for you to do this later?" and "I have a suggestion, do you want to hear it?"

**A Projector does not carry their own energy; instead they take in and manage the energy of others. Their life role is to pay attention to their environment and to ask questions and give advice, when asked for it, to others. The Projector’s strategy is to wait for the correct invitation that recognizes their talents and gifts. When a child is following their strategy, they are able to leverage the energy from others and experience success in their role and ability in leading and guiding others; they will experience bitterness, resentment, and burn out when they are not following their strategy. It is important for the child to learn patience and to wait for the invitation that truly recognizes them to ensure that they will be heard and that their gifts and talents are appreciated.

A Projector child needs to:
-be invited to participate and honored for their decision to not participate
-be invited for their suggestions and input
-be given recognition, attention, and praise
-learn in a structured format
-learn relaxation, anxiety and stress reduction techniques
-have plenty of time to rest and spend time alone especially after being in public areas, i.e. school
-have plenty of sleep
-be asked, "I have an idea that I think will help, do you want to hear it?" or "Is this a good time to share an idea that I feel will help?"

**Like the Projector, a Reflector does not carry their own energy. The Reflector is sensitive and reflects, like a mirror, the people around them. They can deeply understand and become wise about the people around them; as well as experience confusion and fatigue from carrying the emotions and energies of others. The right people and the rights places are important in order for the Reflector to experience true happiness and correct self-image. The Reflector’s strategy is to seek and gain clarity in decision making by waiting at least 28 days or a lunar cycle before making a decision. When a child is following their strategy and clarity is achieved, they experience surprise and delight; they experience disappointment when they are not following their strategy. It is important for the child to be flexible and patient while finding the right places, people, and activities.

A Reflector child needs to:
-talk with others to find clarity for decision making
-be listened to
-flexible and embrace inconsistency as each hour or day will be different
-allow plenty of time for relaxation
-learn relaxation, anxiety and stress reduction techniques
-learn self- reliance, self- worth, self-care and self- esteem
-learn to establish healthy and safe boundaries and limits
-trust in the universe

The child’s Type does not change; however, it's expression is also influenced by the activation or definition of each of their nine centers and the 64 gates which connect the centers. In the next article, discover the importance of the nine centers.

You can obtain a Human Design Chart for your child (or yourself), free of cost, at www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart. You will be able to print your chart from the website or email it to yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Bonnie Schwartzbauer is a human design specialist, reiki master, spiritual teacher, writer and shaman working to bring about transformation and growth that embraces, inspires, empowers the Soul for a creative, prosperous and abundant life. You can contact Bonnie at www.soulsongandhumandesign.weebly.com.