Each human being is surrounded by an aura. As a psychic energy field, the aura depicts an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. The human aura consists of multiple energy layers and each vibrates differently. Further, it changes frequently according to a person’s physical and mental health. Also connected to the electromagnetic field of the body, the aura is affected by a person’s environment and external energies.

Because of this, the colors of the human aura are
constantly changing based on a number of factors. For instance, the human aura may glow and radiate when a person is happy and content. On the other hand, the aura will appear dull when a person feels gloomy or depressed.

Understanding the Meanings of Various Human Aura Colors

Red Aura: People with a red aura are strong in both mind and body, and adventurous in food, travel and sexual partners. Despite being energetic and enthusiastic, people with a red aura lose their temper easily and can often become angry about small things.

Blue Aura: Those with a blue aura are intelligent, creative and master communicators. They can express their ideas, thoughts and views elegantly. Along with being good organizers, these people also motivate others to accomplish goals. People with blue auras can often become workaholics and neglect their personal relationships.

Green Aura: A person with a green aura is creative and hardworking. Despite being imaginative, the person always aims for perfection, and explores ways to make his or her life stable, secure and balanced. The individual also looks for ways to enhance his or her appearance, clothing, home and surrounding.

Yellow Aura: An individual with a yellow aura is intelligent, analytical and logical, and a good communicator. He or she loves solitude and never suffers from loneliness. But those will a yellow aura can often become workaholics and prone to mental health pressures.

Pink Aura: In addition to being loving and giving in nature, people with pink auras are also romantic and want to be loved. These people take proper care of their health by focusing on diet, exercise and nutrition. They stay faithful and loyal to their partners, while working towards making the world a better place.

Purple Aura: Along with being psychic, the people with purple aura always learn and inquire about new things. They normally have intuitive minds, but do not have wide circle of friends. These people love to stay connected with selected friends and are sensitive to their feelings and needs. The people with purple aura can further connect with nature and animals effortlessly.

Orange Aura: The people with an orange aura love to be in the company of others. They are also generous and want to make others happy. Along with being honest, kind and good-hearted, an individual with an orange aura is sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. These people are also normally hot headed and can lose their temper quickly.

White/Silver Aura: In addition to being sensitive and intuitive, the people with a silver or white aura are considered to be exceptionally gifted. These people can get the maximum out of any opportunity in life. They can use their intellect to make the right decisions and convert plans into action. Despite attracting many admirers, an individual with silver aura always choose his friends and lovers with the utmost care and caution.
Gold Aura: An individual with a gold aura has an artistic flair. He loves things that are beautiful and fine. He can further get attention, attraction and admiration from many people. Hence, the people with gold aura have a wider friend circles. However, such people tend to be overly lavish, and hate to be criticized.

Brown Aura: An individual can have either a light brown or dark brown aura. Those with a light brown aura lack self-confidence and feel confused while addressing current situations or issues. On the other hand, those with a dark brown aura tend to be selfish, and often deceive others. This person loves to find faults in others.

Black Aura: Unlike other human aura colors, the black aura is considered to be a bad sign. This aura color often depicts negativity, hatred, chronic illness, depression, and other traits that make a person feel consistently unhappy.

How to Detect Your Own Aura Color

When you know the color of your aura, you can tell which chakra is dominant and work to harness this energy and re-balance your energetic field. While sometimes difficult to detect, you can try out this exercise to discover your own aura color.

Start by sitting comfortably, preferably cross-legged or in lotus position, in a relaxing space and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing to center yourself and calm your mind. Once you feel that you are in a relaxed state, start bringing your awareness to your body.

Scan your body with your mind and notice any different sensations from the crown of the head down to the tip of your toes. Very gently, expand your mind into the area just around your body, to your energetic aura. If you wish, you can even put your hands in front of you with palms facing out, and gently move them in a sweeping motion around you.

After a while, gently place your hands in your lap or on your knees, and begin to focus on your breath. Ask yourself or your spiritual guide for a color. The first color to come to mind is usually the dominant color of your aura.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel anything the first time, or have difficulty discovering your color. If you practice this exercise daily, over time you will be able to feel the energy field around you. You can detect when its lighter or heavier, and you can even find holes in your aura.

Energy healing methods such as Reiki or Pranic healing are also wonderful systems to help balance your chakras and heal the energetic aura, which is connected to the physical body and can often influence the body’s physical health.

Author's Bio: 

Pazit is a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher as well as holistic healing therapist. She specializes in Reiki, Pranic healing and Reflexology. She is also a theatre coach and life coach at Vagabond Temple Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Cambodia.