In the deluxe residential neighborhood, this 2400 sq ft space of an internationally acclaimed interior designer Sanjyt Syngh speaks about his fondness for creativity, imagination, design, and color.

While living in New York and London, Sanjyt Syngh has sharpened his inclination and discernment towards design while preparing himself as an interior designer. He has been exceptional in balancing the colors and lights in the designed theme by the unique selection of artwork, furniture, and sculpture. Sanjyt has rejected more than 70 places before choosing this, the reason behind is the abundance of sunlight. Sanjyt Syngh believes as an interior designer that there is no alternative of natural light because it can complement his favorite dark theme in the bedrooms, living room and dining area. The interior expresses an absolute eclectic feeling that fascinates Sanjyt. He returned from London with a post-graduate degree in interior and special design from the Chelsea College of Art and Design to set his interior design studio in Delhi.

The delhi based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh has interpreted many stories from the life of his clients which accompanied the design he created. A home with a perfectly done architecture is the place where an interior designer can enliven his imagination. Sanjyt Syngh shares this house with his mother who does the administrative work at the design studio. The whole space expressed the journey of Sanjyt’s career as an interior designer.

The huge area for the corridor in the living room highlights the chestnut brown sofa and 3D wallpaper. The large-sized red Timorous Beasties cushions, teal ones from Sanjyt Syngh’s studio and the animal printed piece from the world of Kristjana S Williams have maintained the uniqueness of this space.

Sanjyt always plans the design after choosing the color. This is because where the shade is silent, the design should be exuberant and where the shade is loud, the design should be subtle. For example, he added the unusual green to add some drama to the white wall in the living area.

The color picked by Sanjyt Syngh makes the empty space comes alive. He believes that every space has its own identity which the right shade can define. Only the right color chosen by Sanjyt gives the desired feel to the ambience. The magic in black and grey is the first love of Sanjyt, he has chosen a dark theme in many areas. He believes that the theme of black and grey gives the place a firm and robust feel. But only challenge in dark theme according to him is it needs to be adjusted subtly with proper lights and the right fabric. The abundance of sunlight gave an immense balance to the dark theme in bedrooms, dining room, and living room.

Enveloped in beige and brown and sealed with mint green, the dining expresses another language that complements the feeling of that space. An Atlantic puffin gorging on fish in the award-winning Sunil Gopalan Picture was the foremost choice of Sanjyt Syngh to get along with the theme of the dining area. The Mooi chandelier, bird imagery, and sheer curtain seem perfect here to shape the purpose of the fauna theme.

He always has his own signature in the magic he creates with bursting highlights and freaking shapes. His love for designs refers to his observant mind since from his childhood. It is so fascinating to decode his design like the one in which he has put pencils, wood and varnish. Who knew it was pointing to the disappearance of the pencil in this generation of iPad. Most of the Sanjyt's inspiration is driven from our daily life that only a highbrow can understand.

All these things are not just out of somewhere, there is a deep-down connection of Sanjyt Syngh for this adoration. His father’s garment is behind all this, it has all started then from his childhood. That’s why he preferred to choose fashion and visual merchandising degree at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. After which he got a great opportunity to understand the designing of store and window display at Shyam Ahuja’s in the Big Apple. Then, he confronted the huge world of fashion and interior designing which was waiting for him to complement it.

At Diamond Baratta and Butterandeggs, he got great insights about this industry just in the initial stage of his career. London has given a variety of inspiration to Sanjyt, which eventually contributed to his victory as an Interior designer.

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