In 2009 the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) decided to concentrate their efforts on HTML5, a new revision of HTML, rather than html5 xhtml. Html5 template is strongly supported by Apple, Opera, Mozilla, Microsoft, Google and other leading IT companies and web browser developers. This entire means that html5 joomla is becoming a mainstream of the Internet.

There are backwards compatibility between peculiarities of HTML5 and forbearing error handling. In other words, with html5 sites written in previous versions of HTML/ html5 xhtml -CSS will not need an urgent update to be correctly displayed by even the most modern browsers.

Now the main question psd to html5 conversion services providers:

Really, PSD-to-HTML companies declare "Code compliance with the latest W3C standards" as one of the main promises and advantages, but with html5 template there will be no need in such a strict validity.

Secondly, psd to html5 conversion services puts special emphasis on semantics and document structure and introduces a number of new "semantic" tags. The higher the website html5 joomla is ranked, targeted and, as a result, more visible to its audience.

Proliferation of the best html5 xhtml /CSS html5 coding practices and web standards is and will always be among core tasks of professional psd to html5 conversion services and the main reasons for designers to use them. And new HTML standard html5 template strengthens this role even more.
One more important question is

Will the PSD-to-HTML services remain the same in the era of HTML5?

1990s: In the early 1990s typical Web pages were written in the so-called academic style: it was a simple text decorated with the help of h1-4, b, i, ul/ol tags and a couple of images; technologies - html5 template - html5 joomla. Then more advanced approaches emerged: table-based html5 sites with distinctive design and color palettes.

2010: The Internet is presented with stylish, poly-functional and usable html5 sites with strong interactivity, interoperability, and built-in multimedia components and social media connection; technologies.

It is quite clear that html5 coding for the Web of 1990s and 2010 requires different sets of skills and even different sense of beauty and good design. html5 template could be a solid background for a new qualitative leap of the Web html5 joomla too.

HTML5 is not only platform like as a theoretical. That is why html5 template will strongly influence the PSD-to-HTML services and stimulate a new level of:

* Usability and website look, show and feel.
As a result, one may predict appearance of specific PSD to html5 conversion and

* Deeper differentiation type of websites between design, html5 conversion and html5 coding and other segments of the web development industry;

Whether html5 template will be the end of PSD to html5 conversion services or just the beginning of essentially new html5 conversion - time will show. However, what is absolutely clear now is that there will be a lot of exciting work for designers, html5 template coders, and back-end programmers.

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