This article is about handling recurring herpes outbreaks in 2018 and in some instances help your body prevent upcoming episode with or without antivirals. The herpes treatments for handling outbreaks are divided into two main categories; medical supplements, so-called antivirals, and topical solutions. We’ll go through both of them.

Antiviral approach

The antivirals are pretty effective in killing the herpes virus, as long as the virus is active and is not in the dormant state, that is to say, not hiding inside the nerve cells. The current products that dominate the antiviral market for herpes all contain one of three substances: Valacyclovir, Aciclovir or Famciclovir. As the names might imply, these are all really similar in how they work and what effects they have. The only main factors that differentiate them are dosage and price.

Usually, after visiting the doctor and getting the correct diagnosis, you’re prescribed with these pills, that contain one of these substances, ranging from 200mg to 500mg, and you’re advised to take them between three and five times a day. Side-effects that may appear are nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and headaches. Other adverse effects could be dizziness, sore throat, abdominal pain, and rashes. People that have HIV should take special care, as some of these antivirals may have a negative effect on your body’s internal organs.

While the antivirals are generally considered gentle to the body’s cells, they are also known to stimulate mutation in cells, and while no studies have shown a carcinogenic effect so far, care should be taken in overusing the product.

Topical solution approach

The main contester in this area is definitely Dynamiclear. While not considered medication, it has been scientifically proven to work in clinical trials, and by the many people that have been using it for the last ten years. The Dynamiclear solution is applied to the infected skin during an outbreak and quickly causes the outbreak to dry out and heal. Usually, the outbreak is gone after 72 hours. The only known side-effect is a stinging sensation when applying the solution. This is because the solution is killing the virus; when applied to normal skin, no stinging occurs.


Since the supplements aren’t really a treatment, but more of a preventional tactic, I didn’t mention them in the introduction. Nonetheless, they can together with the other means of herpes prevention prove to be quite effective in preventing outbreaks. The most common supplements that are usually recommended for herpes patients are Lysine, Vitamin C, and oregano oil. To successfully eliminate herpes outbreaks and prevent them from happening in the future you need to strengthen the immune by adopting a diet rich in fiber, minerals, and microelements (preferably plant-based and gluten-free), taking certain supplements, vitamins and taking care of mental health. This whole-body approach is a key to preventing herpes from reappearing in your body.

What About Herpes Cure? Can HSV Be Cured?

"Cure" is a pharmaceutical term that is regulated by FDA. According to FDA, supplements and natural remedies cannot be labeled as "cure" or "treatment". As of 2018, FDA has not approved any medication or vaccines that can "cure" herpes.

The Secret To Living With Herpes

Living with herpes can be hard at times. If you know that you have herpes you need to pay special attention to some things, recurring outbreaks that always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times and the feeling of embarrassment can at times overwhelm you. If you are aware that herpes can be easily spread to other people via skin to skin contact it's important to avoid such interaction if you feel tingling in the areas where outbreaks appear.

To make living with herpes easy, you need to gather the best information you can find and start boosting your immune system so that you can finally take control of those annoying outbreaks instead of having them control your life. Wouldn’t you like to have fewer herpes outbreaks and be able to heal faster? Think of herpes not as a disease, but rather as a warning signal from your body letting you know that your immune system is weakened or/and that you are under a lot of stress.

There are a lot of false claims regarding herpes cure on the Internet. However, there is also a lot of useful information that can help heal herpes outbreaks.

To sum up:

- Taking control of your life and your health will help minimize the number of outbreaks per year. Learn how to prevent the outbreaks and take action.

- Learn a little bit more about natural remedies that you can use without any side effects and damage to your health in a long run.

- Learn about shedding the herpes virus (it can happen even when you don't have an outbreak) so that you don't pass it to those you love the most.

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