Managing Labour Law Compliances under the Federal structure of governance is not an effortless task. The numerous labor legislation and frequent changes in labor laws in every state due to changing social and economic environment have made it more difficult to keep abreast with all labor laws changes on a real-time basis.

Given these challenges the HR department often spends a disproportionate amount of time on HR Labour compliances, rather than focusing on Core HR functions such as strategic HR planning, transformation, change management, team building, risk management, etc. Spectra Statutory Compliance Team consists of qualified professionals from varied backgrounds, including Legal, Compliance, Human Resource, and Technology.

Spectra provides a wide range of HR Labour Compliance Services on a PAN India basis through a team of highly experienced professionals and a wide network of Local Associates and Partners having a stronghold at local level liaison.

Spectra HR Labour Compliance Services are as follows:

Filling of Statutory Returns and Forms
Maintenance of Statutory Records and Register
Ensuring Statutory display/extract at notice board
Due Diligence / Labour Compliance Audit
Site Compliance / Contractor Compliance / Vendor Compliance Audit
Registration, Licenses, and renewals
Department Liaison & Litigation
Labour Law Compliance Reporting

Spectra broadly cover the following statutory compliances under various Labour Laws.

In recent times, Govt. Of India, Digital India Initiative has brought a paradigm shift in working style and has brought greater transparency, visibility into the systems which have left no scope for non-disclosures for anyone. Now it becomes mandatory for every company to ensure its site compliance/vendor compliance/contract‘ Labour Compliance’ is in place apart from routine compliances. We offer complete end-to-end compliance solutions for site compliances/contractor compliances/vendor compliance.

Our vendor compliance process covers all compliance aspects under the Contract Labor Act.

The Vendor compliances help the principal employers in reducing compliance risks, bring transparency and visibility, and helps in exercising better control and monitoring over contractors. Most of the time the principal employer is liable for any non-compliance for its contractor / sub-contractor, therefore it becomes imperative for the principal employer to push its vendor/contractor for compliances to maintain brand value and to minimize statutory claims & departmental litigations. Know more...

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Yogesh Pant, CEO of Spectra Outsourcing Services.

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