What kind of people one company need. Are the perfect workers a bit like soldiers, almost blindly obeying the rules? Are people with different point of view necessary? Is bragging needed in order to succeed?

Here is how i see corporate culture of today and what would i do if i had the chance to hire people?

In order to hire anyone you need to know the essence of the work. What and how should be done and in what direction you want the company to grow. Clear rules are also needed. If you want someone to be successful you need to show him/her that his/her skills are appreciated and seen. There are people with amazing skills. Some feel and see things others cannot. Spotting the talent is something not many can do. It is to see what the person doesn't see in himself. Of course, you never can be sure about your decision. Not many can manage people properly so it is definitely worth trying. In some companies people with artistic and human oriented skills are neglected, so spot them and give them a chance.

How people should be hired?

Each company should know its goals. The people should be hired according to these goals. The essence of the job should also be clear to the managers. They simply have to know what the job is all about. All its complicated and simple aspects. A simple example should make it all much more clear - if the job is for a manager of IT department, the people hiring should understand what IT managers do. They do not need to be perfect programmers or HR specialists. They need to be good in all that and to be able to translate the needs and the ideas of the owners to the department and vise versa. That is a common mistake these days. A good professional in one sphere does not mean a good manager in the same field. These are two completely different things.

To have the guts to fire people!

If someone needs to be moved from one position to another, the managers should be able to do it. This doesn't mean firing the person but simply finding more suitable job for him/her. This holds true especially if the managers see intriguing skills in the person.

Example: in several big companies hiring managers takes place in restaurants. What the interviewers are looking for here is if the candidate will thank the waiter when the food is served. If he does it, this shows his respect to people beneath him in the hierarchy. Such person is capable of managing people. If not, he is too proud.

On the other hand, if it's about lower positions, another pack of skills are wanted. The carpet cleaners in Castelnau look for honest and hard-working people who can be trusted. These people enter in people's houses so they must be trustworthy. They need to have the will to work hard and to be healthy.

So, it is not only about the person itself but it is about the job and the perfect combination of skills suitable for it. Looking for the cocktail of skills and abilities is what the managers should be after.

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As an employee in carpet cleaning Castelnau i've seen many good examples in the HR department. This made me write about what is and what isn't a good idea in employees hiring. Hope many London companies will find my article interesting.