If you have ever had someone in your family who suffered a stroke, then you know just how debilitating they can be. Our own beloved “eternal teenager” Dick Clark was stricken at the age of 75 and now the poor man’s speech is all by unintelligible. Strokes are horribly damaging and can render a person all but a shell of their former self. So it makes sense that we do all that we can to prevent them.

First of all, we must understand exactly what a stroke is. A stroke occurs when plaque breaks of the walls of one of your arteries or blood vessels and becomes lodged in a vessel that is delivering oxygen to the brain. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, part of it dies. This results in partial paralysis and loss of use of bodily functions that can include speech, limb movement, and even bladder control.

So now that you know a little about what a stroke is and what if can do, how can we prevent it? Well, if the word PLAQUE sounded familiar to you, that’s because it probably is. The same plaque that causes coronary heart disease and heart attacks causes strokes as well. So the prevention of strokes is generally the same in both cases and that is EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISING! People in general live a much more sedentary lifestyle now than ever before, thanks to technology, and our diets tend to be far less healthy as well. So for those folks that do not exercise and don’t eat healthy meals the two best pieces of advice to reduce the chances of stroke are to hire a fitness trainer and seek nutrition coaching to get your lifestyle back on track.

A fitness trainer can help you develop a program of physical fitness that will help you lose fat and build muscle, both will help you avoid all kinds of ailments. Plaque is much less likely to build up in a body that is actively involved in an intense exercise regimen. in addition, seeking nutrition coaching can help you to better plan your meals and stay away from the types of foods that will encourage the deposit of plaque on your arteries. Animals, for instance, contain cholesterol so the more red meat you eat more cholesterol you take in as well. Feeling your diet with more fruits and vegetables as per the recommendations of the nutrition coach can help your arteries and vessels steer clear of cholesterol in the potential dangers build up of plaque. Both of these changes, a fitness trainer and nutrition coaching, can represent a huge shift in what you may have been doing for years but by adding these positive attributes in your life they may be just the thing that prevents you from suffering that the debilitating effects of a stroke.

Please keep in mind that while exercise and diet can play a huge role in your health, you should make sure to visit your physician twice a year for regular checkups to help monitor your cholesterol levels and your overall general health. While not all strokes are detectable in the early stages, it is important that your doctor has regular records of your general health.

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