A healthy relationship is built on mutual respect. This is true of all types of relationships; your family, you friends and your co-workers. You can't choose your family or, in most cases your co-workers, so you hopefully learn to get along with them. Your friends you can choose. You can choose to accept their short comings as they choose to accept yours- yes, you have some.
It is most important to share a healthy relationship with your soul mate, life partner or spouse. This is the person you will spend them most time with. Ideally one of you can't be unhappy and the other happy. Alright, we know couples like that but that is not what we are striving for. Many of us know of couples that have participated in some form of domestic abuse; verbal, physiological or even physical. Many of these couples seem to start out well, but somewhere things went wrong.
How can we be sure we would end up "stuck" in a relationship that makes us unhappy or worse in a domestic violent one? Look for the signs before any commitment is made. If you have any doubts seek outside counseling- if your partner is unwilling, end the relationship before making a commitment. You can’t change someone once you are in a relationship. You both need to learn to accept and love each other as you are.
Before you make any major decisions about the direction of any relationship look for: Signs of a Healthy Relationship :
Mutual respect
Enjoy/Support each other
Never violent toward each other
Have privacy in relationship
Clear, open communication
Interested in each other’s lives
Encourage other friendships
More good times than bad
Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship
One tries to control the other
Forced isolation
Forced sexual situations
Ignoring each other
Verbal abuse
Any physical violence
The help avoid any domestic violence one should always strive for a healthy relationship. It all boils down to mutual respect. If you can't respect someone you can't love them. If they don't respect them you can't love them. Go no further in such a relationship, it will end badly.
All your family members and co-workers do not necessarily have your full repect, but you can get along with them because you have too. Everyone should have at least one person to share the rest of your life, whether it is a best friend, lover or ideally, both. Choose this person well and you both will benefit in mind, body and soul.
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Su Ericksen is a TaeKwonDo black and has taught self defense workshops. She lives in the Midwest with her family and works at a large medical center in the cardiology clinic. You may contact her through the website:Self Defense-4-Women.com