The Beatles once wrote a song entitled paperback writer, about a guy who needed a job so he wanted to become a paperback writer. That sort of attracted my attention, but I became disillusioned years later when it dawned on me that I wasn’t probably cut out to be a paperback writer, or a Beatle for that matter.
The beef I have with Lennon and McCartney is that they inspired me to dream of unimaginable success, but their message also inspired millions of others to write paperbacks and songs, start groups etc – the market got too crowded for my liking. Actually the lyrics pleaded with the publisher to publish the book, so even in the 1960s, manuscripts were being return from publishers unread – I wanted to avoid such disappointments.

So I didn’t go to night school, or pay companies to learn how to become a successful writer, I figured that writing for pleasure sounded sort of suspect, besides which, I really preferred to write for profit, heck, stuff writing for pleasure!

So nowadays I write for profit, so if you would like to quit writing for pleasure and start writing for profit, let me explain what I do. First of all I need you to change your reality and expectations – what I mean by that is that you may be sceptical that people can actually get paid to write, you may expect not to get paid. On this point, you need to step forward and make a leap of faith – I make money writing for profit, and I need others to help me, hence why I am writing this article. I need you to believe me, and borrow my reality. As an affiliate program director, I need affiliates and sub affiliates, so this is why I coach people to first become an affiliate, and then become a master affiliate who manage their own affiliates.

I get paid to write to promote products for manufacturers. I create affiliate websites, write articles and post Blogs.

An affiliate is someone who promotes a product for commission when he/she sells that product. Some affiliate programs are a waste of time, either the product is too competitive, or the “cookie” expires after 3 months. You have may have read outrageous claims where affiliates made $30,000 in one month – well that affiliate probably spent $32,000 on advertising and forget to mention that detail.

I now pay affiliates to submit articles, write Blogs about specific subjects, submit links to websites. My website Affiliate School explains how to get started as an affiliate without having to spend money on advertising – I used to spend thousands of dollars on AdWord programs and learned the hard way, how to eliminate these costs by not spending a dime.

Contact me via Affiliate School and I will get you started as an affiliate – there is no sign up fee, in fact I can give you a free ID website to help you promote products for my clients. You don’t need to know how to create a website to become a successful affiliate, with my method, I get you over that hurdle and stumbling block by giving you a free website.

I will also explain how you can get paid to write for profit, by submitting regular Blog posts on the Internet. Your earning potential is only restricted by how much time you have available and the self imposed restrictions of your own imagination. For further information, visit

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Mike Glanville is a sales and marketing manager, and runs Affiliate School to provide resources for wannabe affiliates.