Does it feel like you just woke up one morning with all those extra pounds? You went to sleep and woke up much heavier than you ever thought you would be. You hardly notice yourself in the mirror anymore.

When did that double chin creep up on you?

Has your face always been so round?

Oh my gosh what happened to your waist? Is it even still there?

Hurry, hurry go back to sleep so you can wake up thin.

For most overweight people this is just what it feels like happened. In reality it really took months and years for you to pack on those pounds. One bite at a time, you consumed more calories than what your body used. So your wondrous body started storing fat for the famine that it knew was coming.

These extra nibbles became a habit ... a lifestyle that you never even thought twice about. You might even ask yourself, "I eat healthy, why am I so overweight?" Pasta, breads, whole grains, milk, dairy products and meat are healthy foods and provide your body with many nutrients it needs. You became accustomed to eating a little more at each meal ...

If you eat a mere 100 extra calories per meal - it totals 300 calories a day. Doesn't sound like much, does it?

Take that 300 and times it by 365 days in the year. Oh my, that totals 109,500 extra calories in a year. Now, we all now that one-pound of fat equals 3500 calories, right? Now we divide 109,500 by 3500 ...

WOW, that's an additional 31 pound of fat you are now carrying - just by eating an additional slice of bread, or a second helping of just about anything at a meal.

You have a choice to make, if you really want to wake up thin ...

You need to change your habits. Create a new lifestyle for yourself by consuming 100 fewer calories per meal. It's not much ... and it's really easy to do. It doesn't really take much willpower or sacrifice. All it takes is patience. Remember to love and accept yourself along your journey to a thinner lifestyle.

By learning to eat just 100 less calories per meal, you'll be creating a new habit ... a new lifestyle AND One Year From Now ...

You will wake up 31 pounds thinner and think to yourself. Gee, I've lost so much weight. It seems like it just happened overnight.

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