Today, many people are very familiar with the Law of Attraction. For anyone who watched “The Secret,” the Law of Attraction, and its principles were communicated very clearly. This universal law became conceptually familiar to people desiring healthier lifestyles, more money, and/or a soul mate. As great and entertaining as “The Secret” was, I'm still wondering "how did it help people master the law of attraction?"

I’ve had a lot of communication with a lot of people that shared frustration, disappointment, and/or confusion with the Law of Attraction. They have wondered how things truly manifest. They want to trust that it will all work out but they know they need to do something. They realize that they need to take concrete action but they don't know what steps to take.

I have to agree with anyone who is frustrated, confused, or disappointed with the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, many of America’s popular Law of Attraction teachers are either neglecting or forgetting about one very important thing: the human psyche.

The mind is very complex and it would be unfair of me to ask America’s law of attraction teachers to address the psychology of it. After all, they are keeping things simple. However, if you know anyone who can integrate psychology with the Law of Attraction, listen to and learn from them. They have got something good!

When I watched “The Secret,” my disappointment was associated with how the teachers made the manifestation process sound so simple. I noticed my reaction to Esther Hicks stating, “When you see those things that you are not wanting in your experience, do not talk about them, don’t write about them, don’t join groups about them, and don’t push against them. Do your best to ignore them. Remove your attention from the things that you do not want, while you give undivided attention to the things that you do want.”

As beautiful as this sounds and as much as I appreciate the teachings of Abraham Hicks, I thought, “Ignoring what I don’t want really doesn’t work.” For example, I’ve tried to ignore pain in my body and hurtful words spoken to me, but anytime that I check in with myself, it’s still there. I can find it somewhere, on some level, repressed in my mind or body. And guess what? My unconscious mind is constantly reminding me about it! The unconscious mind is serving me as a reminder to do my work, heal, and to grow.

Did you know that the word “unconscious” was mentioned only once in “The Secret?” The unconscious mind is too important to be mentioned so little when talking about the Law of Attraction. I understand that the Law of Attraction teachers are supporting consciousness, but they are leaving out the unconscious. As an example, let’s say I generate conscious thoughts that are positive and aligned with what I want to manifest all day long. I have developed a wonderful skill, but my unconscious is uncontrollable, and the real secret is that the unconscious mind is feeding my conscious thoughts.

Think about your habits for a moment. These are unconscious processes feeding your conscious mind. Sometimes we do things without realizing they’re happening. Habits are direct results of your unconscious mind bypassing conscious thought. What are we to do about these unconscious tendencies when we are not aware of them?

The best we can do is to develop self awareness. This is also called consciousness. We can generate (create) thoughts that help our manifestation processes. By thinking about what we want, visualizing it, feeling the emotions associated with it, we create it!

The key to the Law of Attraction working for you is to become more aware; to raise consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you call it. Another thing you can do, as Don Miguel Ruiz so eloquently put it, “stalk your reactions to other people’s actions.” This will help you understand what your unconscious mind is “brewing.” The more you listen to your thoughts, catch your unconscious habits in action, and observe how you react to others, the better chances you have of succeeding from using the Law of Attraction.

The universe is conspiring to give you what you want. Sometimes you may think you know what you desire, but often it is just a guess at a solution. This happens because your conscious thoughts are not aligning with your unconscious ones. The better you monitor your behavior, the greater your chances are in understanding your unconscious desires. Once you have the awareness, you’ll understand what you want. Then you can do your part to create it!

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Reid Peterson, M.A., is the founder of MANIFEST CREATIONS, a website that teaches you how to manifest what you truly want. Reid's focus is on emotional manifestations because he knows that true happiness comes from within and not from the material world. Visit to learn more about how to manifest what you truly want.