In Classical Feng Shui directions are key to setting up your feng shui correctly because unlike Black Hat/BTB/Western/New Age feng shui Classical Feng Shui is not based upon your front door. You will need to know where North, South, East, West, NE, etc. are for Classical Feng Shui.

Now when I say Classical Feng Shui I mean these types of feng shui (did you even know there’s more than one kind of feng shui? Most people don’t.):

1.Compass feng shui – This type of feng shui is great for creating overall balance and harmony in both your home and office. Black Hat/BTB/Western/New Age feng shui is loosely based upon this type of Classical Feng Shui.

2.Men Gua feng shui – This is feng shui that is personal to you and is based upon your birthday. Once you have your birthday you can determine what your 4 personal best directions are for Success (think career/money), Health, Relationships (personal and at work) and Wisdom (making good decisions for yourself). This type of feng shui is very simple to do and because it’s specific to you it’s a great way to dip your toe into the feng shui waters. I tell you everything you need to know to set up your Men Gua (or what I call Personal feng shui) in my book ‘4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Your Wallet’ which you can get here:

3.Flying Star feng shui – This type of feng shui moves around and is based upon the stars around the Big Dipper. Flying Star feng shui is a great way to determine where the best areas of your home and office are for the year, which months are good for launching a promotion, getting married, asking for a raise, starting a new exercise program, etc. When you use this kind of feng shui it’s like having the answers to a big test ahead of time. Go here so you can find out more about Flying Star feng shui:

4.Xaun Kong Da Gua – This type of feng shui is used to determine where and when to put water features on your property to attract weath. I don’t recommend you do this yourself because putting fountains, ponds and pools in the wrong place can create money and other problems for you (infinity pools are a major wealth drainer no matter where they’re located). You really need to hire a consultant who knows all about Xuan Kong Da Gua to do this kind of feng shui properly.

There are a number of other types of feng shui but these are the ones I use the most.

So back to the compass. I often get questions from people like: “Is the front of my house North?” or “Do I put the Career area of the ba gua on my front door?” or “How do I use my compass?”

The easiest way to determine N, S, E, W, NE, etc. in your home and office is to figure out which direction the sun rises. The sun comes up in the East every day so an easy way to figure out where the directions are is to stand in your home or office and face the direction the sun comes up each day. From this you know that:

•The east area of your home/office is in front of you
•The south area of your home/office is on your right
•The north area of your home/office is on your left
•The west area of your home/office is behind you

An even better way to determine directions is to draw a floor plan of you home, figure out where the center is, stand in the center of your house with a compass and stand facing the direction that the arrow is pointing. The arrow (usually red or black) on a compass always points north. So when you stand facing the direction the arrow is pointing you know that:

•The area of your home/office that’s in front of you is north
•The area to your right is east
•The area to your left is west
•The area behind you is south

It’s really that easy. Plus if you ever get lost in the woods you’ll now know which direction to go to get back to your car.

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Chriss Barr is a best selling author and Feng Shui and Dowsing Expert. You can find out more about her Palm Beach Feng Shui System at