We spend our waking hours focused on things we have to do, have, buy and think. It’s the thinking part that leads us towards or away from living a happy life. My goal is to help you become keenly aware of what you’re thinking for just 10 minutes a day. These thoughts that you begin to “hearing” will help you understand where your thinking is causing you pain and suffering. These captured thoughts will then be questioned and it's doing this that sets you free to begin thinking truer thoughts that begin moving your life in a more positive direction. Here are 7 quick steps that will help you live a happier life.

Step 1: Ask yourself the Magic Genie Question
Poof! You’re suddenly transported to a beautiful Caribbean beach. As you survey the landscape you see a golden lamp buried just beneath the surface of the sand. Curiously you pick it up and gently rub its tarnished surface .
What comes out is the most attractive person you’ve ever seen and he or she urges you to wish for something you never thought possible. What do you wish for? The only requirement is it has to make you incredibly happy. It also has to be something just for you. You can’t wish for a new car for little Johnny or a a million dollars for your spouse. This is YOUR wish and it has to be something you really, really, really want. Go on and make it a really good one. My wish is:

Step 2: Discovering the Feelings underneath the wish
Now that you have this wonderful thing what are you feeling? Describe in great detail every sensation you’re currently experiencing. Does your face hurt because you’re smiling so much? Are you exhausted from jumping for joy? Does it feel like you’re simply walking on air? Write all of your FEELINGS now.

Step 3: What are you Thankful for?
Fast forward a month. You’re home and YOU STILL HAVE whatever you wished for. It’s time to flex your gratitude muscles by writing all the things you’ve been grateful for during the past month. How has this wish fulfilled made your life incredibly happy? How has it changed the way you live and experience life? How has it added more love and joy to your life?

Step 4: Getting Really Clear
What’s stopping you from getting this thing you just wished for, felt deeply about and were extremely grateful for RIGHT NOW in your present day life? List all the
obstacles that are keeping you from getting it. Be realistic here and write everything you know is keeping this thing or person from you.

Step 5 : To Tell the Truth
Take a look at the answers you just wrote. In what way are ALL OF THEM untrue? In what way are they just perceived obstacles? It’s extremely important that you are completely honest here. What can you do to prove them as the incredible lies they all are? In what ways are these excuses keeping you from living a happier life?

Step 6 : Cleaning past and present garbage
How long have you believed the answers you wrote in Step 4? How has holding on to these beliefs helped you live a happier life? In what way, if any, are you ready to abandon these beliefs to start living a happier life? When will you be ready to start living a truly happy life?

Step 7 : Getting what you Really, Really, Really Want Right Now!
What can you do right now to start moving towards what you really, really, really want right now? What can you do today, tomorrow, next week, and next month? Your real job is to feel all of these things happening. It's okay to do some research, make a few phone calls and look up information on the internet. Your real job is to challenge your beliefs that all of this is possible and to make sure that you're "Feeling" what it feels like to live this wonderful life. Once you start doing this for a few minutes each day you'll discover the life you use to imagine is quickly becoming a reality.

You’re now on your way to leading a happier life by consciously bringing into your life something or someone who you Really, Really, Really want. Following the 7 steps and being completely honest with yourself gives the universe (or God) the freedom to magically grant your every wish and desire if you do two things: actively work towards achieving your hearts desire by "Feeling" how it feels to already have whatever it is that you want and believing it is possible for you to have it.
I firmly believe writing is the key that unlocks all possibilities. Your job is to decide not only what you can do today (step 7) but to begin creatively thinking of ways in which you can take teeny tiny baby steps towards whatever it is you want.
Several years ago I wrote that I wanted to help people live happier lives by becoming a certified Life Coach. My intense desire was to be trained by Martha Beck, a columnist for O Magazine and the author of “Finding your own North Star” a book that changed every aspect of my life.
I tried several times to start a savings account for this distinct purpose. Then I wrote a letter to The Oprah Winfrey Show explaining how reading Martha’s columns in her magazine helped me make a life changing decision. To my everlasting delight I was selected for the show and stood on the stage with Oprah. I also met Martha in person and she invited me to attend her Life Coaching training session for free! I couldn't believe my impossible dream had come true 2 years after it in my little journal. I now know it was nothing short of a miracle that made it all happen at a time when I needed it most. The reason it took so long was that I “thought” I had to save money to make it happen when all I had to do was imagine it actually happening.
Start mapping out your goals, dreams and desires. Then you get to feel what it really feels like to have, be or do that thing you desire most right now.
The key is "Feeling" your way to your hearts desire. Imagining you having what it is that you really want goes a long way and actually makes it come to you all the faster. It's kind of like solving for X where you decide what you want then imagine how it would feel to already have it and then expect it to show up. You can do it and I’m here to help you every step of the way if you’d like. I’d love for you to visit my website and sign up for my monthly newsletter. I'd love to hear how this article helped move you towards living a happier life.

Author's Bio: 

Sheryl Jones is a Happiness Expert who founded R U Happe Life Coaching in 2005. She has been a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show three times and is the author of the e-book "Love U: 30 Days to a Happier Life" which will be available for download January 1, 2010 from her website www.ruhappe.com She loves motivating small and large groups of people to live happier lives and has developed several presentations to help High School Teachers love their jobs.