Confessions of a High Paid Tutor!

My name is Kasey Hammond and I am writing to celebrate my success in finding the perfect career for me.

If you have been thinking about starting a small business that lends itself to working from home and has little start up costs, you should definitely consider starting your own tutoring business.

Tutoring has become an exploding market in the US, Canada and Europe in the last five years. With two parents working in most households, parents simply don't have the time to help their children with school work and are turning to tutors to supplement their child's education.

There are many tutoring franchises and companies out there, but it truly is a fairly easy industry to jump into and start marketing your own tutoring company. By starting your own company, you avoid the costly fees that tutoring companies take out before paying their tutors.

Bloomberg recently reported that tutors in NYC are making up to $200 dollars per hour! Wow! In most large cities, tutors make between $50 and %70 dollars per hour. In smaller cities, you can expect to earn $30 - $50 dollars per hour, depending on the area.

Marketing is fairly inexpensive and there are even free tools that you can use to immediately launch your business and start advertising. Typically students already have their own textbooks and therefore you don't need to purchase materials. The internet is a great tool to find supplemental worksheets to use during your sessions.

The best part about having your own tutoring business is that you get to meet new people, help a child succeed and make a great living at the same time. You can run this business out of your house if you choose or meet students in a public library or coffee house.

The possibilities and earning potential are unlimited since you are able to charge what you feel you are worth per hour and select when you want to work and who you want to work with.

The most important part of launching this business is having some basic plans in place before starting. You want to appear professional at all times and present yourself in a professional manner.

Parents will be impressed with your skills and therefore help you grow your business through endless referrals!

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Kasey Hammond celebrates every day that she no longer goes to her dead
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