Is there really a right way on how to say thank you to your boss? I mean, we all have different ways of showing our gratitude to different people. If someone close to you surprised you with a birthday party, you would kiss or hug that person. But what is the general rule on how to say thank you to your boss? Hugs and kisses are definitely out of the question.

The workplace is a time for professionalism. You can’t be all showy and affectionate to everyone in the office, much less your own boss.

But what if your boss did you a big favor? Perhaps he sent a very good recommendation letter for your promotion or raise. When an event truly worthy of gratitude appears in your life, do you know how to say thank you to your boss?

Here’s some tips that could help:

1) The Handshake

This is advisable for those who aren’t exactly in close terms with their superior. It’s very formal and professional.

You might think that a handshake is a little too common to be used as an expression of gratitude, but that’s where you’re wrong.

A handshake takes on different forms. It can just be a handshake; and yet, it can convey varying emotions. It’s all in the way you grip your boss’ hand and the way you look into their eyes that really say what’s in your heart.

2) The Presents

If you don’t think a handshake is quite enough, you can also learn how to say thank you to your boss through presents. Your gifts need not be expensive. Actually, it would probably be for the best if they aren’t.

Your gifts can range from home-baked brownies to a book by their favorite author. However, you have to be careful when giving your boss a thank you gift. Some people might take it the wrong way and think that you’re just trying to bribe or get on your boss’ good side.

To prevent people from suspecting you of sucking up, you may also want to give your co-workers gifts (but of lesser value than the boss’), and tell them you’re celebrating your promotion (or other events).

3) The Letter

Another idea on how to say thank you to your boss is by writing a sincere letter of appreciation. Tell them what they did and how it has helped you tremendously. Keep flowery words away. After all, this is still your boss we’re talking about. More or less, the kind of letter you give should reflect the kind of relationship you have with your superior.

These are just some of the simple ways on how to say thank you to your boss. Keep in mind that as strict as your boss might be, they still deserve to be thanked when the situation calls for it.

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