With the CBSE papers approaching, this time around students must be done with their studying of all the chapters and will be busy preparing for the very essential revision exercise. In order to score great marks in the final CBSE papers, revising in the right manner is of utmost importance.

Often students face problems with the right technique on how to go about with revising. If you are one of those students, this article could be of immense help. Before starting to revise for your final CBSE papers it is very important to plan your revision exercise well in advance. Here are a few tips that all you students out there could use and incorporate in your revision activity schedule to gain the maximum out of it.

• Your revision for the CBSE papers should be a time-bound activity. There should be a definite starting date and ending date for the ‘actual’ revision exercise. Often it happens that students who lack confidence tend to over-revise for the final CBSE papers and in the process waste precious time that could be invested in some other productive activities. To help students get over their habit of over-revising and also beat examination related stress students should stick to the allotted time period.

• While revising for the CBSE papers students should set realistic and achievable goals that help them push themselves that extra bit. Students should neither set too high targets that are in non-achievable nor set targets that are too low such that they can be achieved easily without much effort. Striking the right balance while setting goals is the key to an effective revision exercise for the CBSE papers.

• Students should also ensure the right environment while revising for the CBSE papers. The space that students choose to study in should be well-lit and free from all distractions. Study space that is free of distractions and organized is the ideal study corner that can make studying and revising for the CBSE papers effective and quick.

• During the study sessions, students should try to impose some guidelines and arrangements with respect to ‘do not disturb’. While revising for the CBSE papers students should keep themselves away from unwanted distractions, unsolicited calls and everything else that can hamper their single-minded focus of quality studying. To maintain the highest possible levels of concentration, students should also keep away from various modes of entertainment like television, cell phones, video games, novels and comic books etc. For rejuvenation a student may choose to seek respite using simple body and mind relaxation exercises.

• While revising for the CBSE papers students should try to incorporate small breaks in their study schedule so as to make learning effective. Studying for long hours without required breaks can often result in reduced retention and recall thereby making memorization weak. Therefore, while revising for the CBSE papers students should make sure that studying with small breaks can help both their mind and body stay relaxed and fresh.

Students studying for the CBSE papers can further make learning effective by revising using revision notes. Students can prepare CBSE revision notes themselves or can choose to seek help from the revision notes made available online by a variety of websites.

Now that all you students out there know how to effectively plan your revision activity for the CBSE papers, go ahead and prepare a schedule for yourself!

All the best!

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