I decided to move half way across the country within an hour of knowing that I must. It was a huge decision, made quickly and acted on in confidence. Do you know yourself well enough to do that?

Had I known I was going to move I would not have invested in my yard, I might have waited to get my two kittens rather than drive young animals across the country. But I didn’t know I was going to move, until I did know. And when I did know I knew it absolutely and irrevocably.

In our lives we contemplate many choices. Sometimes we explore them rather deeply and then decide against them. Sometimes we act impulsively on the spur of the moment. But both scenarios happen when we know ourselves, when we have a relationship with our inner wisdom that we trust. Here are four reasons for making a new choice.

1- The situation has changed

One of the major reasons we make decisions is because something changes. In my case, my wonderful housemate lost her job and made a decision to move across the state to be closer to her sisters. That meant that in order to manage the rent I needed to find a new housemate. But the other thing that had changed was that she was the best housemate I’d ever had. The situation had changed and I began to contemplate how I would like my “next” to be.

2 - You need a new solution

What had been working was no longer a viable solution. I needed a new housemate and after several interviews I realized I could not possibly live with someone else. I knew what it was like to live with someone who was really compatible. Financially I either needed to find a housemate or move so I could live alone. To live alone meant less expensive accommodations and those were to be found in the Midwest near my children. Two choices, two solutions to consider.

3 - There are other circumstances building up that need to be considered

I’m 77 and although I plan to live to 114, but truth is, I’m still an older person who should be living near her family. The reality check was that I was ready for some physical help and to be in an environment that was easier to maintain. When I told people I was moving from California to Kansas City they said, “Why?” When I said “To be with family” they all agreed it was a wise move. When considering a change be aware of all the circumstances surrounding your decision, your current needs as well as your future needs.

4 - Take a Reality Check

In order to make a good decision quickly, you have to be aware of the reality of what you have created so far. It is your thoughts, beliefs and actions that have combined to draw to you your present circumstances. Look to see what is balanced. Look to see what is unbalanced. Examine your finances, your health, your relationships, and your spiritual nourishment. Whatever is not working should be dropped. Whatever is working should be pursued further.

I do a quarterly personal heart check to see how I’m doing in my business and in my life, if I am still aligned with my passion and my values. When you are faced with the opportunity to make a new decision, look to see how your situation has changed, seek a new solution, and consider all the changes that may affect both your current situation and the one you are choosing, then tune into what you truly want and you’ll be able to make a good decision quickly with accuracy, conviction and confidence.

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