What you experience in your past and current life has an effect on how your character develops and unfortunately these include the bad experiences. Our thoughts, emotions and actions are often indirectly influenced by what's happened to us. Often anxiety disorders like social anxiety and general anxiety disorder develop from negative conditioning and experiences that form certain undesired behaviors and false beliefs. Without help, sufferers find that their condition worsens and they find anxiety symptoms harder to control.

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder you might expect to be prescribed anxiety medication, but are they really the best answer when it comes to how to prevent panic attacks in the long term? As humans we don't have our fate sealed, because what we do now affects what happens in the future. Most truly successful people have gotten to where they are because they continued despite of constant failure and they didn't stop. It is difficult for a person who has suffered deeply in life to change and start anew but it is not impossible.

Your imagination is a powerful tool that can even create positive imagined experiences that you can benefit from without experiencing the real thing. Believe it or not, your central nervous system can't differentiate between vivid imagination and a real experience. Constantly focusing on your past and inadequacies, and reliving them in your mind will only reinforce negative behaviors and associations that we have made. People often unintentionally use their own imagination against them, but it's using it for them that people don't do enough.

We can all learn to use the creative imagination positively and stop using it against us. This will inevitably lead to a happier self and happier life. Just as important is how we see ourselves as this can affect the way we act and behave. In order to change our beliefs we need to create positive thoughts about ourselves. Fortunately, sufferers of anxiety disorders can find real panic attack relief from therapies like CBT. People find that CBT is more effective than medication since it helps to recondition behaviors that cause anxiety.

A positive attitude to life experiences is important to help you succeed in conquering anxiety. People have a choice to how negative experiences are dealt with. A person who has a strong self-efficacy faces problems with enthusiasm, and is reluctant to give up.

Learn from your mistakes and move on, you can choose to see failure as failure, or as a positive learning experience, from which you can learn from and apply to other life experiences. Easier said than done you might say, but really you just need to practice being the person you want to be until it becomes a habit.

Like I said before, the body and mind respond to vivid imagery just as if it were a real occurrence. Practice visualizations everyday for confidence and coping with anxiety, imagining your ideal self in every way. You can also begin by setting small goals to improve your life and find a self that you are happier with. It's good to have big dreams but without making smaller goals you will find it difficult to stay on track.

Even if you don't feel like it, smile and see how that affects people around you and yourself. Make an effort to make others feel good and it in turn will make you feel good. As well as sharing your feelings when you're experiencing negative emotions with friends and family, share your positive thoughts too. In time, with a positive mind you will find managing panic attacks and everyday stress far easier to deal with.

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