We are taught that prayer is one of the most important aspects in a believer’s life and that if we do it correctly, we can achieve amazing results. Yet there are so many people who complain their prayers are left unanswered. Why are some prayers answered while others aren't? Can we make mistakes when praying? Is there a right way to pray?

First of all, prayer is an act of communication, not a one-way monologue. We have to learn to choose our words but we also have to learn to listen. Speaking is only part of the process. When you learn to listen, you can hear God’s answer in the air, in the world around you and in your own heart. Something changes inside and a deep peace drives away all your worries and your fears.

An open heart and mind is sometimes – like in so many cases – the key to a successful communication. Prayer is about the power to let go and to surrender. To be honest with God and with yourself. To pour your heart and soul in an attempt to reach higher and deeper. To learn and understand more. To go beyond your everyday struggles and see the whole picture. To grow spiritually. This is the beauty of it.

Sometimes we ask for the wrong thing, other times we ask in the wrong way. The solution to avoiding all these mistakes is in the words ‘Thy will be done’. If we base every prayer on these words we can never go wrong. God’s will is what we ultimately want for ourselves and for the ones we love.

Other tips for a good prayer life…

Approach God with confidence. If you think you haven't got enough, don't worry. Just ask for it.

Approach God with faith. If you think you don't have enough, don't worry. Faith is the only thing you can pray for without faith.

Approach God with tears. If your eyes are dry, don't worry. Keep on praying. The tears will come as God melts the ice around your heart.

Approach God with gratitude. If you think you have nothing to be thankful for, don't worry. Keep on praying and God will open your eyes.

Approach God with an honest heart. If you think your heart is not honest, don't worry. The very fact that you questioned your own heart proves the contrary.

Approach God with all you've got. If you think you've got nothing, don't worry. Take your nothing in front of God. After all, he created the world out of nothing.

And last but not least, approach God full stop. There are no rules, only love.

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