Practice Blessings

As you bless your food, your dreams, your mission, your
purpose and your goals, your life magically improves wherever you are.

(It's not really magic.)
If you were God wouldn't you love to give things to someone
who appreciated everything you did for them? I believe so.

So when things get really tough, find something to be
grateful for and bless it.

After 9/11, I, like much of America, felt shock and complete
upheaval. It didn't seem like there was much to bless.
But I had been in the habit of writing down at least
5 things I was grateful for every day.

For months after the attacks I was thankful for things that
were very basic but profoundly necessary.
It was all I could think of.

I wrote things like:
"Thank you God for another day. Thank you for my body.
Thank you for the blue sky. Thank you I am breathing."

(Here's an actual page from my gratitude journal)
Thank you for another day.
Thank you Brooke (my daughter) arrived safely
(She was on a flight the first day planes were allowed back up
in the sky)
Thank you for the planes in the sky.
Thank you I learned a few more things on the computer.
Thank you for a wonderful bath.

By being grateful for everything, even if I saw only small
things for awhile (and breathing is NOT small!) gratitude
moved me forward.

Be Willing To Move if Things Seem Stuck

By physically moving my residence, I showed God I was
grateful for the dreams and goals he put
in my heart because I was willing to MOVE on them.

I turned my house into a book.

Things started to manifest amazingly well after I sold my house.
That house energy turned into books, articles, columns and seminars.
Wonderful people and opportunities flew my way. I gave myself the time
To write my first book, “Be the Hero of Your Own Game.”

Today no one comes over to my little apartment and says
"What a beautiful home!" It's Okay. Instead, they say,
"We love your column! Your book helped me so much."
That feels so much better to hear.

Because of letting go of old energy, I built a new home outside
of one of the most beautiful, special places on earth, Sedona, Arizona.

Following your dreams doesn't mean you give up
everything else. You only do that temporarily,
until that dream is birthed.
Then all the other things you love will follow.

Don’t let False Success Trap You

Don't let the “success” you think you have, keep you from what you
really want. Don't be afraid to give up everything
when you hear the call of your dream.

When the big Coach calls you into the Game and tells you
your next play, don't say, "I can't. I'm not ready."
Instead say, "What do you want me to do?"

Have you gotten the call of success yet? You will.
You only move down until you touch bottom. Then you
can move all the way up!

Live like a hero,

Terri Marie

Author's Bio: 

CEO of White Wing Entertainment, Terri Marie is an award winning author and producer who believes in the hero within. Her books include double award winner "Be the Hero of Your Own Game." She has produced PSA’s and 27 documentaries, including an award-winning program on James Roosevelt. She writes a column called, “Heroes Among Us,” which you can find at Receive a “Year of Cheer” and Spiritual Good News at
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