What is The Contribution Game? How will it manifest my desires?

Who Will You Meet Today? What does it have to do with The Law of Attraction?


Every person you meet is important.

Every person you meet has been sent to you.

You are in the right place at the right time, all the time.

All of your intentions will manifest through your contact with other people.

Every person you meet has the potential to manifest your deepest desires.

The more people you connect with, the faster your desires will manifest.

But it’s not just the law of averages we are trying to play here…

The law of averages says the more people you talk to, the higher the probability that you will find someone who can help you get what you want. I’ve trained people in sales on that concept and I saw some people manifest what they want in one call and others take thousands. It was through massive repetition that I saw something else at play.

The law of averages is a nightmare without the Law of Attraction… and the Law of Reciprocity…

You know about the Law of Attraction… So… what is the Law of Reciprocity?
· Sowing and reaping
· You get what you give
· You get back what you are putting out
· You can get everything in life that you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want.
· When you give, you will receive.

Step one is to ask for what you want, dig deep for your deepest desires.

Step two is trusting that you will get it…So you keep doing what you are doing and you start being a contribution… You start giving like you have already received.

You give like you have more then enough.

When you are giving… you are in an abundant state. You will have the power for abundant living, and manifesting everything comes quickly! I’m going to teach you a game I call The Contribution Game.

Step One: Connect with everyone you meet.
Step Two: Find out about people,
Be interested
Seek to understand them
Find out who they are
Discover their goals, dreams and desires.

Step Three: Contribute. As you discover what they are up to, think about these questions;
How may I serve?
How can I help this person?
How can I contribute?
How can I support?

Do I have an idea for them, a suggestion or solution I can offer them?

Who do I know that I can refer them to?

Is there a source of information I can give them?

Can I encourage them?

Sometimes just really listening and accepting someone is the biggest contribution you can make. When you are BEING someone that is truly interested and put your agenda on the back burner, they will FEEL like you are looking out for them and they will love you.

They will help you right back, without you even asking. This is The Contribution Game, and it works. To discover more about yourself, your desires and how you can succeed in your life, visit my Life Coaching website and work with me as your life coach. You will change, as a result.

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Matthew Ferry
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