Your established business can be ruined by risks. You should be alert always and have a plan on how you'll overcome uncertainties. Some of the losses can be avoided while others cannot. Here is how you can mitigate losses that can frustrate the growth of your business.

Nine Ways of Avoiding Uncertainty Risks

1.) Staff Training: You should design preventive measures to either eliminate the whole loss from occurring or mitigate the loss if the risk occurs. Theft can be minimized or prevented by training your staff.

Train your staff on the tricks thieves use. Educate them on how to differentiate genuine money from forged money. Teach them about counterfeited products that result into losses.

2.) Burglar Alarm: Install burglar (security) alarm in your business. Getting services of a watchman is of great help in avoiding your business from being broken into during odd hours by thieves.

3.) Avoid Bad Debts: Minimize the loss of bad debts from occurring in your business by reviewing your customer's ability to pay. Before you grant them credit, try to know their payment history.

Ask them to give you their current bank statement in order for you to ascertain their financial status position if they intend to buy very expensive goods. Factoring ensures that losses from bad debts do not affect your business. The use of del credere agents service protects you from bad debts.

4.) Fireproof: Construct a fireproof store where you'll keep your stock. This will avoid uncertainty risk caused by fire.

5.) Inventory Monitoring Strategies: Any losses associated with inventory can be avoided by using various inventory monitoring strategies. This ensures that your business is neither over stocked nor under stocked.

6.) Trade Mark and Branding: The use of a trademark and brand name protects your products from competition in the market. It also protects them from counterfeited products. You'll not lose the demand for your products resulting from counterfeits because your customers are able to differentiate your products from counterfeits.

7.) Shifting Uncertainty Risk: You may also use services that shift uncertainty risks to a third party. Shift the loss from your shoulder to other's shoulders. Insurance companies are there to take the losses on your behalf. When a loss occurs, you won't feel its effects hence your business operates as usual when a risk occurs.

Business losses arising from changes in prices can be shifted through hedging. Hedging is where one enters into a future contract. Even if the price changes, the contract is executed using the price agreed upon.

8.) Clearing Stock: Losses arising from changes on fashions can be minimized by clearing the stock. Sell the whole stock by offering a discount to customers.

9.) Amalgamation: Reorganizing your business helps you in absorbing losses. Amalgamation greatly strengthens your business in several ways hence mitigating the loss.

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