Be wary with bonsai tree dealers who want to make a fast buck! Bonsai can thrive both indoors and outdoors, however caring for bonsai tree is not a walk in the park!

Why do some bonsai trees perish indoors? Is there a special variety of bonsai that can only survive indoors, but would simply wither under the sun? These are just some questions of newbie bonsai enthusiasts who were met by failure on their first attempt to care for bonsai tree. Needless to say, inexperience is a costly teacher; same with ignorance. How to take care of a bonsai tree is very basic: don't forget that it's a live plant!

Before you venture into bonsai tree growing as a hobby or a new business, it is necessary to get a head start. You can network with seasoned bonsai hobbyists on the internet; for sure, they will be more than willing to offer you tips and valuable start -up information. You can read articles, as well as browse authority-websites on how to take care of a bonsai tree. Armed with these information, you will be more at ease to find your first bonsai tree and raise it. Your first bonsai-outing will have a better chance to succeed.

Here are 3 easy tips from the experts:

Deal only with reputable Bonsai dealers who do not pass up the opportunity to coach newbie bonsai enthusiasts like you. After all, your success is very much their own, for how else would they grow their own business if your experience as a bonsai tree grower is met by heartbreak?

Always remember to expose your bonsai to its natural environment (outdoors), every once in a while. Your bonsai, regardless of its form, is still a tree that will not survive without sunlight.

Find out from your local nurseries what varieties of bonsai trees can thrive indoors;

A tree by any other name is a living plant that needs sunlight. All trees thrive better when left outdoors however there are kinds of trees that have higher survival rate than other varieties when planted indoors. This can be your best option for indoor bonsai tree growing.

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