So many people are concerned with weight loss (fat reduction)—and yet, feel totally helpless with the idea of losing weight (reducing fat). Deep inside the subconscious, an endless, frustrating cycle has taken hold. However, there is a different way to understand what is happening within the mind’s inner vocabulary. Simply change the words “fat loss” or “lose weight” to “fat reduction for healthy living,” and/or even, “healthy living!”

Make that decision to never say or think, "weight loss"—ever again—ever, ever, ever! (I didn't even want to put it in my title-but "weight loss" are the very words used in millions of searches—the erroneous way that society programs its human members).

Change your mind RIGHT NOW AT THIS MINUTE to say "fat reduction," or ideally, "fat reduction for healthy living." Say it right now, and feel the difference.

The body has tremendous resistance to losing "weight" because weight is who we are on the physical plane. Weight consists of muscles, organs, blood, water, vitamins, bone, etc.—the essence of our physical being. The word "loss" is also a word that causes resistance—because it's associated with feelings of deprivation and sacrifice. Over the years, the body has become increasingly resistant to such words. A body wants to live and thrive, not lose itself.

Resistance to words and ideas like "weight loss" or "losing weight" can build up a tremendous force in the subconscious mind. Each time your mind said, heard, or read the words “weight loss,”—resistance escalated—and that might have been many thousands of times.

Release that hopeless block of resistance! Follow the steps below to begin “fat reduction for healthy living” merely by changing the words in your mind. Naturally, the body will follow your inner words.

All you’ll need is:
* 3” by 5” card
* Brain with a mind.
* Desire to change

Step 1: Immediately stop using the phrase "weight loss." Tell yourself that you will change that phrase whenever it comes up in conversation (with others or within yourself) to "fat reduction through healthy living". Whenever you catch yourself using the "weight loss" or "lose weight" phrases, immediately stop and correct the words—out loud if possible. In that moment, visualize yourself firm and healthy with lots of energy.

Step 2: Put a 3" by 5" card on your bathroom mirror or somewhere you will see it everyday, and read it each day—aloud if possible.
Write on the card: I will change my words and thoughts to “fat reduction for healthy living,” and/or “healthy living!” New thought systems are being created as I form new word habits.

Step 3: Feel yourself getting stronger and more confident each time you correct the old phrases and enter the new. Experience that helpless feeling grow weaker and weaker as you work to control the words of your mind. Believe and relax into the moment as old resistant words are exchanged for the new “fat reduction for healthy living,” or simply, “healthy living.” The resistance will start to fall away each time the new words are applied. As words, thoughts, and feelings are replaced in your inner mind, so will a transformation begin in the physical body—as well as other areas of life.

Step 4: As you shop, remind yourself, “fat reduction for healthy living.” Start reading labels on foods you purchase. Eliminate chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils from your diet. Start buying non-processed fresh foods with no labels. Eat fruit, vegetables, and nuts for snacks. Know that “fat reduction for healthy living” is becoming a way of existence. Healthy food will become attractive, because by exchanging words your thought systems are also evolving. A fresh new way of understanding life is possible just by changing your mind.

Step 5: As you move, think, “fat reduction for healthy living,” and feel the zest for life begin to increase. Along with this excitement emerges a natural metabolism boost. Obsessive thought patterns are dissolving—breaking apart—and opening up new channels. Fresh ideas, just like fresh and healthy foods for the body, are powerful change motivators. Energy and excitement start to flow as old resistance to negative societal words, such as “weight loss,” begins to dissolve.

Step 6: Remember, changing lifelong patterns can be as easy as using different words in conscious thought. Feel excitement as you experience change in mind and body simply by changing your words. After all, life is an adventure.

* The 3" by 5" card on mirror can be used for other goals.
* Be aware of the words that you use to yourself and others--even idioms.
· Remember that words are powerful and creative!

Author's Bio: 

Zebe is a speaker, artist, and teacher; Texas certified in art, psychology, ESL, special education, health, and social studies. She is also a certified hypnotist. When speaking, she often states her belief that, "Death does not make life a tragedy; ignorance does! Life is an adventure to be experienced regardless of circumstances."

Zebe's art, writing, speaking, and research add to the world and to the creative thought that flows through everything. She teaches creative thinking and fat loss workshops, and is also known as Hypnoartist.