Most of us want to lose weight, and will try just about anything to lose those ten or fifteen pounds. Some people can easily lose those pesky pounds, while others find they put on more weight the more that they diet. So what is the best way to lose weight? Here are some helpful tips to help you lose the pounds:

1) Keeping a food diary will help you understand the calories you are putting into your body. Most people do not count the small morsels of candy or food that they put in their mouth in their diet, but these tiny pieces can effectively ruin a diet. By keeping an accurate tally of everything that goes into your mouth, you can better maintain your calorie count. It will also show you just what you are putting into your body and areas where you can improve.

2) Picking healthy, even organic foods can better provide you with the nutritional needs for raising your metabolism. Eating foods that are high in fiber and vitamins can give your metabolism a boost and help your body better metabolize the calories and fats your body requires. It will also rid your body of the calories and fats your body does not need.

3) Exercise! There’s no two ways about it. A person must increase aerobic exercise if they want to lose weight. Dieting alone will not help you maintain the weight you are striving for, and exercising, in coordination with a proper diet, will help you lose and maintain a proper weight. Thirty minutes of cardio work three times a week is the minimum any person hoping to lose weight should do. This will not only burn the calories you are consuming, but will help your body metabolize food later in the day when you are not exercising.

4) Be realistic in your goals. If you need to lose ten pounds, but you want to lose twenty, compromise with yourself. Forcing your body to lose weight it may not want to will trigger you to binge and effectively ruin your diet. It is already stressful enough trying to lose weight, do not put yourself through more stress with picking lofty goals.

5) Drink water! And plenty of it. The body needs to be hydrated and needs a source for waste removal. Water is a nature removal source. By increasing your water intake, you can eliminate the harmful toxins, fats and other molecules that may counter your efforts to lose weight. Water can also keep your muscles from getting fatigued, so put down the diet soda and pick up some water.

These simple steps can help you achieve the weight loss you desire. Not only that, but they are great tips for a healthier life style. Small changes are the best way to lose, so start small and build up. But remember, these are not only momentary steps but long term changes too. Try to incorporate these steps into your daily life and you will see the body you long for!

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