Ever wonder what you’re doing here – what life is all about? Ever wonder why life’s ups and downs toss you around like a piece of driftwood – why life seems to go swingingly for some people but not for you? Ever wonder will there be an end to stress and worry – whether, some day, you’ll be able to sit back, smell the roses and say to yourself “I have it all”? These questions, which bother us all in some shape or form, are simply answered if you understand that life is lived in moments, just as the universe exists in moments, and that it is in these moments of time and space that we can choose to giving meaning to our lives and experience peace, happiness, success and, indeed, have it all.

Quantum physics tells us that the universe – an enormous creation of vibrating energy – is manifest moment to moment. Nothing is constant, nor is anything cast in stone – the universe is on the move moment to moment. Quantum physics also tells us that you and I are an integral and indivisible part of the universe – the universe is not without us – and that, in exactly the same way, we are manifest moment to moment and, like the universe, are constantly on the move – remaking ourselves, recreating our reality. Quantum physics also tells us that this huge mass of vibrating energy is responsive – that energy responds to energy, that the energy of the universe reacts to where you and I invest our energy. In short, the universe responds to our hopes, desires, intentions and expectations.

Unfortunately, psychology tells us that the normal human mind is almost entirely inattentive to the current moment in which the universe is manifest. Consequently, our energy is not invested in the only place and time that is real – the here and now – and, as a result, the universe has little or nothing to respond to. Instead, the normal mind is focused firmly in the past – normally the impressive events of our formative years that create our present impression of who we believe ourselves to be, what we believe ourselves capable of and what we expect out of life. Psychology tells us that, as a result, our present actions are dictated by out-of-date “knowledge”, bear little if any relationship with the reality of the present moment and, as a result, are, at best, ineffective – at worst, destructive. Psychology also tells us that the normal latent state of mind is negative and that we only perceive what we expect to perceive. In other words, we live down to our expectations – many normal people being happy with “not-too-bad” for a life, because they know they could be worse off.

What does all this mean? Your version of reality is your unique creation – created from reactive present behaviour based on formative years programming. That reactive behaviour is just about the only investment of energy you make in the present real moment and, as a result, you create your not-too-bad life. If you invested your energy – which is an integral part of universal energy – differently, you would create a different reality for yourself. It is as simple as that. If you could stop behaving reactively and start having a truer experience of the here and now, you would invest a greater amount of your energy in the reality of now and get, in return, a greater payback on your investment.

In other words, life is meant to be lived in the present moment. Life is meant to be lived free from the encumbrance of our formative years. Life is meant to be experienced for the wonderful reality that it is in this moment in which the universe is uniquely manifest – moment to moment. In more fully experiencing the now you will get more out of life – because more of your energy will evoke a more pronounced response from universal energy. You don’t even need to know what you want out of life – the more you are present, the more exciting and wonderful life’s journey becomes.

So, how do you drop your “baggage”? How do you present yourself to the moment? How to you enter the flow of the universal here and now? Isn’t it obvious – you simply pay more attention to the here and now. Psychology tells us that our ability to be happy and successful is correlated to our ability to pay attention – to the here and now. By paying more attention to the present, you become more present. Attention is paid through being attentive to what we are experiencing through our five senses – the more attention that we pay to what we actually see (without interpreting it as just another example of something we think we already know), the more attention that we pay to what we actually hear (rather than taking familiar sounds for granted), the more we become aware of the aromas and odours of the moment (often requires a deep breath!), the more we are aware of the taste in our mouth (which most people don’t realise they have) and the more we truly pay attention to what our body is telling us through our tactile and emotional feelings, the more we join with universal energy – the more we invest our energy in the moment – the greater the response of the universe to our needs and inherent wants.

In other words, we need to come to our senses to live life to the full.

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Willie Horton, an Irish ex-accountant and ex-banker who has been working as a success coach to business leaders and sports people since 1996, has been living his dream in the French Alps since 2002. Each week his free weekly Self-Help video seminar is received by thousands of people around the world. Each week many start his Online Personal Development Self Help Workshop, his clients say that it's life-changing. More info: http://www.gurdy.net