The Universe loves a vacuum.

In order to attract something new, we have to create a vacuum, create a space, for the desired something to move into. Like moving the furniture in your home to accommodate the new piano. If you continue to acquire new things in your home without letting go of some of the old stuff, what do you think your home will look like after a while? Stuff piled on top of stuff, no room to maneuver, major dust collecting, and soon you don’t even want to enter that room. The clutter has taken over.

Your brain is just like that room. Some of those old thoughts that don’t serve you anymore need to be handed eviction notices. What are some beliefs that you think you could let go of? Beliefs about some people in your life, beliefs about yourself, beliefs about your neighborhood, your country, your world, even beliefs about reaching your goals.

How do you know which ones to send packing? It’s a matter of selection by feel. Instead of over-thinking and getting yourself into a pretzel of analytical discomfort, let your heart do your thinking for you. The heart is never wrong. Why? Because your Divine Source lives within your heart and your heart holds all your feelings.

To really listen to your heart, you want to become quiet and as serene as you can. Sometimes that is outside in a natural environment such as a beach, a walk among snow-covered trees, sitting by a stream or river or it can be a bubble bath by candlelight or soft music through a head set.

A little preparation first is necessary because you need to have a list of some of those beliefs, people, possessions, behaviors, etc. that you are questioning as needed in your life. Just write them all down without any thought as to whether they need to be on the list or not.

After you are settled comfortably in your serene space, just breathe. Become aware of the feel of the breath as it enters and leaves your body. Start to breathe a little bit deeper drawing air into the bottom, then the middle and lastly the top of your lungs. As you exhale, reverse the process and release the air from the top, then middle and lastly the bottom of your lungs. As you are breathing, gradually allow your body to relax from your feet to the crown of your head. All this can take as little as five minutes or as long as you wish.

When you feel ready, allow one of the items on your list to enter your heart. Feel it there. Is the feeling uncomfortable? A change in your breathing or a tensing of previously relaxed areas of your body will tell you. Perhaps you frowned or moved your head from side to side as if to say ‘no’. Your breathing may have become more shallow or rapid. Your fingers want to make a fist. Is the feeling neutral or pleasant? Again, your breathing and relaxation changes will tell you. You may have smiled or even chuckled a bit, sighed, raised your eyebrows, nodded, experienced warmth in your heart area or relaxed even deeper.

You innately know the difference between positive and negative reactions and feelings. If your negative feelings surface the second you place an item on your list into your heart, you are being guided to let go of it. Sometimes your head will butt in (couldn’t resist the pun!) and argue with you. Gently tell it to move aside, you already have your answer. When your list item evokes feelings of well being and acceptance, then you know you are guided to keep it in your life.
What you have done is ask for guidance from an all-knowing source, prepared yourself to receive the guidance and trusted the process. It always works. The more you do this, the more you trust because the results it beings into your life are the right ones, every time.

This kind of housecleaning should be a regular occurrence, not just spring and fall, especially if you are finding yourself struggling, feeling overwhelmed or ‘cluttered’. Remember how good it feels when you tidy and organize your outward surroundings and you can find that same good feeling when you do it for your inward home.

You will actually find that you look for reasons to give the heave ho to things that have outlived their usefulness because you love what it makes of you when the new things come in to fill the vacuum.

Make it a goal!

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