Reading and comprehension is considered a very basic and very important skill set. If you want to get ahead of the game, it is a good idea to learn how to increase reading speed and comprehension. The better you are with these skills, the more likely you will stand out.

So how do you increase reading speed and comprehension? Here are a few tips that could help you out.

1) Know your vocabulary.

If you don’t have an extensive vocabulary, you’ll definitely have a more challenging time reading and understanding the text. In order to increase reading speed and comprehension, always have a dictionary around you.

Once you encounter an unfamiliar word, look it up at once and try to remember what it means. Use it in your daily conversations if you must.

You can also try reading the sentence again and understanding the meaning of the word based on how it is used. Doing this might feel tedious at first; but as time goes by, you’ll find yourself knowing more words and using the dictionary less.

2) Read a lot of books.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t be surprised that the same adage applies to increasing your reading speed and comprehension as well. The more books you read, the easier it is for your eyes and your mind to embrace what the text is talking about.

You’ll be so used to reading that you won’t find yourself distracted by every little thing that catches your eye. Those who read a lot of books as kids have an easier time reading and understanding texts compared to those who barely touched their books.

3) Relate it to yourself.

Another way on how to increase reading speed and comprehension is by relating the text to your own personal experience. Everything is always easier to understand when put into a personal context. This kind of technique also works well when you’re trying to help someone else increase his reading speed and comprehension.

Not being as fast a reader as other people, or not being able to understand the text quite as easily, is nothing to be embarrassed about. You have the power to improve yourself and be better than others.

If you want to increase your reading speed and comprehension, work hard at following these three tips. Practice on your own and don’t be afraid to tackle a goal that is more challenging. After all, it is in these challenges that you grow.

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