Your body can heal itself from sickness and disease if you give it a chance to do so. Most disease is caused from how we live our life. Eating the wrong foods, ingesting too many medications and drugs, drinking too much alcohol, living sedentary lives, breathing in bad air from the workplace, and living a stressful lifestyle all contribute to poor health.

It is imperative that we become knowledgeable about nutrition and know which foods help to prevent disease and which foods bring disease on. An already sick, weak body will only become sicker and weaker if no steps are taken to heal the area of weakness. One area of weakness can make every organ begin to degenerate one at a time.

Disease spreads fast when you don’t go to the root of the problem quickly. A weak area of the body that many people share in is the digestive system. This area takes the brunt of abuse from bad habits and will become weak if we live a lifestyle that is detrimental to health. The intestines are where we absorb our nutrients back into the blood. We need nutrients to sustain the body and continue to repair and build new cells.

Clean the Digestive Tract

There are several different products on the market that cleanse the colon, but the best cleanses are those that do something while working their way through the intestines. Colon pills are processed tablets that can’t really do a reliable job. Some colon cleaners may do a quick cleaning but don’t actually do a thorough cleaning, leaving waste residue still caked on the intestines. This is the most important aspect of cleaning the colon is getting the dried up wastes removed off the walls of the intestines so nutrients can pass through.

I’m not selling any products but I do know that the whole husks of the psyllium plant work! I know this because I participate in the Psyllium Husk cleanse every couple of years. Whole psyllium husks are what you need for a thorough colon cleanse because the husks act like a broom on your intestines and scrub off any caked on fecal wastes.

The first time I ever did this cleanse it cured me of backache, boils, acne, sluggishness, constipation and more. None of my symptoms of toxic overload have returned because I take a maintenance dose of psyllium every single day! Plus I now know how to eat right. Eating right and making it a lifestyle is the key to maintaining good health.

Eat Your Greens!

Did you know there are powerful healing foods that can actually prevent cancer from coming on when eaten on a regular basis? So if that’s true then why can’t these same foods heal cancer? Well, they can. Kale, mustard greens, Swiss chard, beet greens, sunflower greens, and collards are all filled with the life-giving force of Chlorophyll. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts are also excellent healing foods that should be eaten every day.

Another healing food is wheat grass. Wheat grass is loaded with curative properties that feed damaged cells and rejuvenate the body. Wheat grass, like dark leafy greens is a “live” food meaning they are still living when you put them into your mouth. This is what a person, who is ill, should be juicing and drinking regularly.

Dark greens, sprouts, juicing and eating organic raw fruits and vegetables daily are going to build up your body’s resistance so it can fight off disease. If you are ill with disease now you should be eating at least seven raw servings of different fruits and vegetables daily, along with other whole, natural food products. Juicing garlic, which is a natural antibiotic and anti-viral herb, would be a smart thing to eat as well. Garlic will protect your body from coming down with an infection and virus.

Remember that you can’t just eat greens and cure yourself of disease. You need to take care of yourself in other ways also. You need to eat right, drink plenty of filtered water, get plenty of rest, and get outdoors more in the sunshine, and be content with what you have been blessed with. We have all been blessed with the certain things that we should not take for granted. You are your body’s best defense against disease, so treat it right.

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